Treatments that Help To Remove Hair for Men

Today’s generation is very beauty conscious and excess hair growth anywhere other than the scalp is the number one intolerable when it comes to looking beautiful. There are many hair removal treatments employed by beauticians and dermatologists worldwide. The most commonly used ones are described below:


The most widely used method of hair removal is shaving. Especially used by men to remove hair from the surface of their face, this is a very temporary method of hair removal. Women use this method to shave their under arms.


This is not one of the hair removal treatments but is a method used to de-pigment the hair so that it blends into the color of the skin. It involves application of a chemical bleach to the skin surface where the hair is dark and thin (arms, face and neck) and removing it within a few minutes. The effects are temporary and need to be repeated as and when required.

Physical Hair Removal

Hair can be pulled out physically through some easy methods. One such method is Plucking using tweezers. This is useful in removing smaller hair around the eyebrows, chin and upper lip. Waxing is one of the age-old v that removes large amount of hair in one go. Bees wax or sugars are used in melted form so that it can be spread on the desired area and using a thick cloth strip the wax with the hair is pulled out.  


Thioglycolate is the chemical used in depilatories which disrupts the bond that between skin and hair, thus dislodging the hair from the skin. The effects are temporary.


The method of injuring the hair follicle to the extent that it does not produce any growth is called electrolysis. The method involves using needles to target each hair follicle and is a time consuming process. It has many side effects and hence not a preferred treatment options.

Laser Hair Removal

The method where hair follicles are treated with various wavelengths of light to damage the melanin containing parts of the hair is called laser hair removal. It is not a permanent solution for unwanted hair.