Cosmetics and Methods Available for Hair Removal

Fact is – all of us want to look our best and present a good image to the world.  Social norms and cultural mores also play a role in different countries on what passes for acceptable grooming standards.  There are some standards which are the same where ever you are.  Some accepted norms are:

  • Neat hair
  • Clean face with defined eyebrows
  • No visible hair on the upper lip (for women)
  • Clean arms and legs (esp. in the summer)
  • No visible hair at the bikini line (for women)

There are several kinds of products available to help people look their best at all times that too, without breaking the budget.

Where to go:

People can avail the services of salons where waxing and threading are reasonably priced options.  Regular visits have to be made to keep up the look and hair off.  Several upscale salons also offer electrolysis and laser treatments, which may not be in everyone’s price range.  These days there are products which are available to people to try at home and achieve the same results.

Types of Hair Removal Products:

Wax Strip Kits

There are several of these on the market.  Most of them come with a tub of wax, strips of cloth and an applicator.  Instructions for use are included – this can be used quite easily on legs, underarms and eyebrows.  Arms and bikini areas will require help from another person and good results are possible.

Depilatory Creams

There are many available on the market to suit all skin types.  This involves applying mixing cream and the activator together which has to be applied to the area where hair needs to be taken off.  Some require wiping and others can be washed off.  This process will have to be repeated at regular intervals to keep the hair from growing.

Home Use Laser Hair Removers

There are a few available on the market and have been receiving good reviews.  This works on the same principles as laser hair removers found in doctor’s offices – except it is slower as the head used to treat the hair follicle is smaller.

Epilatory Devices

There are many of these in the market too – they have a mechanical head which works like tweezers to grip and remove hair from the root – just like how waxing works.  These products generally work on areas like arms, legs and underarms.