Methods Involved in Mens Hair Removal

Until recently, hair removal has been considered a beauty regimen meant only for women; not any longer. Today, increasingly, more men are opting for smooth body skin than ever before. This trend is not among the bodybuilders, swimmers, dancers or athletes alone. It is the normal metro sexual men going for beauty treatments.

So what exactly are the different types of hair removal methods used for men? We answer this question in the paragraphs that follow.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

The method uses lights of varying wavelengths to remove the pigment forming structure in the hair follicle and also destroys the hair root. It is best for removing hair on the chest, abdomen, back and genital areas. The results are almost permanent requiring only annual or biannual touch ups. Most men need not more than 6 to 8 sessions each lasting 30 minutes.

Waxing for Men

The latest in waxing solutions is the soy based lotion which sticks to the hair only and not to the skin. This lotion is applied to the desired area, and using a thick strip of cloth is pulled out. The hair is dislodged along with the dried up lotion. This is a good way of removing hair from the neck, back, legs, arms and underarms. The results stay for 4 to 6 weeks.

Electrolysis Hair Removal for Men

The method uses thin needles to penetrate the hair shaft and deliver tiny shocks to the hair follicle. This kills the hair cells and prevents hair growth. As the treatment involves burning each follicle, it is a time consuming method hair removal for men. The main advantage of this treatment is that it is a permanent solution.

Depilatories Hair Removal for Men

The process of removing hair by use of chemicals that dislodge the hair from its root is called depilation; and the chemicals depilatories. The Thioglycolate present in the lotion is applied to the hairy surface, which then releases lye (sodium hydroxide) that results in weakening of the bond between the root and the hair, thus resulting in hair removal. Like waxing, this is also temporary.