Certified Equipments for Hair Removal

Hair removal today tops the lists of cosmetic procedures used by people .Scientific advancements have made it easier to buy and use hair removal equipment at home or salons. The equipments come in various features, prices and effectiveness. The range can vary from few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

All the home hair removal equipments are approved by US FDA and are used for permanent hair removal.

Let us look at the few hair removal equipments available in markets:

Tria laser home hair removal: This is the first hair removal equipment approved by the FDA. The product uses laser technology to remove hair and claims to be at par with professional hair removal. Dermatologists too recommend this product as it is safe and effective. It has undergone numerous clinical trials and is deemed safe to be used at home. The Tria laser hair removal system is marketed worldwide by the manufacturers. The laser technology used in this system is gentler compared to other machines and thus it is completely safe to use this product in areas like underarms, legs, bikini line. The manufacturers claim that after using the product for 6 months, there will be complete hair re-growth.

Silk n Sensepil: This equipment uses the technology called Home Pulsed Light (HPL) to remove hair. This equipment has undergone extensive testing and has also proved to be very efficient with a high success rate among users. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons have high regard for this product. It is best suited for home uses and is well equipped with safety features like safe skin tone detectors. Silk n Sensepil is a unique product as it uses pulse instead of pressure against the skin. This technology makes the whole procedure quicker with no discomfort and pressure.

No No hair removal: This too is home equipment for hair removal. This equipment works on a technology based on thermodynamic wire. The wire acts as a transmitter of heat which removes hair. The product is pain free and safe to be used at home. The manufacturers claim that with the use of this product, there is a 94% reduction in re growth of hair. This equipment saves cost and time for the user with no cuts or abrasion as it slides down smoothly down the skin.