Benefits of Hair Removal Creams

Shaving is used by most people to remove unwanted body hairs but it comes with few disadvantages like the effect can be too temporary, with razors it is difficult to reach certain places like back, can lead to rough skin, cuts or irritation. On the other hand permanent solutions like laser and electrolysis may have adverse side effect as well as prove to be costly and time consuming.

This is where hair removal creams, or depilatories come into picture. They are a safe, easy and reasonable alternative to all other methods. These creams collapse the hair’s protein construction and so the hair comes away off the skin easily.

But before using any cream, we must be sure about our skin type and which product will suit us. Some depilatories might have few side effects of which we should be aware. We should know the ingredients and how they work before using them.

Chemistry of Hair Removal Cream

The hair removal creams contain different alkaline chemicals like sodium thioglycolate, strontium sulfide or calcium thioglycolate. These depilatories might also be available in the form of gel, lotion, roll on, or aerosols. Once the cream is rubbed on to the skin, it destroys the protein structure of the hair, called keratin. The hair now becomes weak and comes off from the skin. The residue can be wiped off easily.

The use of the chemicals is the reason behind unpleasant odor of the depilatories. Before using any cream, it is wise to test small amount of it on a patch of skin for any reaction.

Benefits of Hair Removal Creams

  1. They are cheap and easy ways to remove hair
  2. Takes less time
  3. Exfoliates the skin
  4. Pain free method
  5. Get rid of hair for more than a week

Disadvantages of Hair removal creams

  1. May have unpleasant odor
  2. If applied unevenly, will lead to a messy look
  3. The chemicals may cause irritation or redness to skin

Choosing Hair Removal Creams

Skin sensitiveness and allergies are the most important factors to consider before using a depilator.People who are prone to rashes or breakouts or who have had reactions to other topical ointments and skin products should check with their doctor before using hair removal creams. Hair removal creams should not be used for back and pubic areas, as skin around genitals are very sensitive.