Home Remedies for Hair Removal

People who want to have their armpits, legs or bikini line waxed usually go to a beauty clinic for a quick fix solution or permanent hair reduction. But some prefer to do the hair removal at home which can save them money and time.

Some of the ways to remove unwanted hair at home are:

How to stop shaving itch

Shaving refers to hair removal where a blade is used, as in a razor. It is cheapest, quickest and easiest method to remove hair at home. Women use this to remove hair particularly from armpit. But shaving causes the hair to grow rapidly and hence it is a continuous process which needs to be done regularly. The part of the skin to be shaved should be ideally moisturized or lubricated to prevent the chances of soreness, cuts or abrasion.

Tweezing for hair removal

A tweezer is a different kind of a razor which is especially used for eyebrows. This is smaller and thinner compared to other razors. But since it removes one hair follicle at a time, it is not generally used for hair removal of large area.

How to do threading

This is most common and safe method used by women to remove mostly facial hair like forehead, eyebrows, upper lips etc. It involves the use of a thin cotton thread. The twisted thread is rolled over eyebrows/upper lips and unwanted hair is pulled out.

Face mask at home

A mask made from lemon juice, sugar, corn flour, water and egg can be used for hair removal at home. The paste made should be applied on the skin and left for 10 to 15 minutes. After this the mask has to be pulled against the direction of hair growth. This is used to remove hair from face, arms and legs.

Waxing for Men

Though readymade wax is available in market, yet it can be cost effectively made at home with only 3 ingredients: honey, sugar and lemon. This form of hair removal kills roots of the hair. The ingredients have to be mixed and heated until bubbles appear. It has to be cooled for few minutes and then applied on arms or legs. Then the wax has to be pulled using a strip of cloth against the direction of hair growth. This process can hurt and the skin may become red.


These are chemicals which dissolve the hair.