Hair Loss Causes

Causes of Hair Loss


A person’s hair is very valuable and precious. People are very conscious of the appearance of their hair. Due to this reason, it can be understood that a person will be very concerned in the event of hair loss.

However, hair loss is a fact of life and while exact figures are not available, it can be said that at least 50% of people experience above-average hair loss some time or the other during their lifetime. Let us look into the usual hair loss causes.

Hair Loss Causes

  • One of the main hair loss causes is ageing. This occurs naturally as a person crosses the age of 30. This kind of hair loss is usually permanent. The extent to which hair is lost varies from to person to person. It is usually prominent in males.
  • Hair loss causes in women are usually due the some hormonal imbalance. This is likely to occur during biological milestones in the lifestyle of a woman like puberty, pregnancy and menopause.
  • Hair loss can also be caused by trauma to the body in the form a serious illness or major surgery. Certain extreme health conditions such as thyroid disease, anemia and lupus may also cause hair loss.
  • High exposure to stress can result in excessive hair loss.
  • A balanced diet is the key to strong and healthy hair. The hair needs nourishment like all other parts of the body. Therefore, a diet rich in protein, vitamins and basic elements like sodium, calcium and iron is essential to maintain healthy hair and to prevent hair loss.
  • Women in general and teenagers in particular tend to pay extra attention to how their hair looks. The result is that they use several hairdressing accessories like heated curlers and hair dryers. These devices exert extra stress on the hair and overuse can result in hair damage.
  • Extended use of harsh chemicals, shampoos and conditioners on the hair can damage the hair and the scalp, leading to hair loss. This can be avoided by the use of mild conditioners and shampoos. Hair loss can be avoided if natural substances are used.
  • Another hair loss cause is when cancer patients are subjected to radiation and chemotherapy. The hair loss is usually extreme and rapid. This form of hair loss is not permanent and the hair usually gets restored over a period of time.           
  • Children tend to develop a habit of fidgeting with their hair and pulling it. If a child is observed to be indulging in this activity, it should be discouraged, as that is the best remedy for this type of problem.


Once the basic hair loss causes are understood, it is possible to use this knowledge to actually prevent the hair loss. Even though hair loss may not be stopped completely, it can be controlled to a great extent if the above causes can be prevented.