Hair Color For Women


Across the globe, women are reinventing themselves through the changing trends of new hair colors for women. Getting the perfect hair color is not a science, - it is just some simple artistic common sense of understanding what is going to look right on you and what won’t. Analyze your skin tone and facial features and decide what you are going to settle for, single-process color or highlights.

Do not forget that hair color trends do change with time. So, just don’t blindly follow what is in fashion, create your own style statement.

Hair color for women, though keeps changing, the four basic colors are never going to go out of style. One or the other will certainly going to match your skin tone as this is the most important thing when deciding on any hair color. As a perfect hair color can enhance your look and brighten up your facial feature, do not forget that a hair color gone wrong may mess up your whole personality. Choose widely and wisely from the different shades available in the market.

In hair color for women, the four basic shades are, blonde, brown, red and black. Let’s have a detailed discussion on these basic colors before you set out to try one of them.

Blonde Hair Color

Yes, the nice blond tresses can make anyone look sexy and attractive. It is mostly because of the reason that most of the ultimate beauties and sex symbols of the past had been blondes. A blond mane can cast a spell of warmth and exoticism on anybody as it is a symbol of timeless beauty. However, you have to choose carefully from the wide shades of blond available to suit your complexion. More and more celebrities are also opting for this hair color from platinum blonde to strawberry blonde. That is why it is the most favorite hair color for women. Choose your shade and pep up your personality today.

Brown Hair Color

Brown hair color is one of the safest and common colors as interestingly, some shade of brown tends to suit almost all complexion types. From light brown to dark brown, there are umpteen numbers of choices out there if you want to turn a brunette. If you are having strong facial features, the brown hair color can do wonders to soften your appearance with the delicate warmth that a suitable brown color for you will exude.

Red Hair Color

The red hair always has some sort of mystery attached to it; still it gives out a soft expression of innocence. There are a lot of red colors available in the market from intense red hair to orange red, and we bet that you will be spoilt for choice. If you are having a fair skin, go for it as a nice shade of red will certainly enhance your facial features and add an ethereal brightness and glow to your face.

Black Hair Color

Well, it is hard to go wrong when you want to stick to the natural color, black! Black hair looks equally good on both fair and tanned skin. However, certain skin tones do not go well with the raven black hair as it may make the skin look dull, pale and lifeless.

If black is what your locks are suitable for, it will change your look for very sexy and mysterious one, and it will be hard for the men to escape your enchanting charm.


Choosing the right hair color for your skin is very important to make your personality appealing and add a stylish edge to your look.

There’s one quick tip though! If you are unsure about the color you want to try, better go for a temporary one the first time that will go off with a few washes. Instead of going for all of your tresses, try a few highlights. Once you know that the color makes you look vibrantly beautiful and compliments your skin tone, go for the change!