Hair Color Tips


Thinking of lifting your looks and your spirit off late? There is nothing as good as getting yourself a nice hair color then! But wait, before you blindly rush to put ‘any’ color on your mane just because you had been feeling a bit experimental. Remember, most hair color disaster happens because of the lack of understanding about the basic hair color tips.

Here are some really cool hair color tips that will not just ensure that you have the perfect and shiny hair color, but also to care for your hair after you have dyed it in the shade of your choice!

Before Coloring: Hair Color Tips

  • Before you set out to color your hair, wash your hair nicely. Use a good shampoo to cleanse your hair thoroughly and remove all the pollutant from your hair. But remember, never use a conditioner after shampooing your hair when you will be dying your hair. Also take care that you are not using shampoo/conditioner mixtures available in single bottle. Conditioning your hair is going to interfere with the dye bonding to your hair.
  • If your scalp is excessively dry, or you have damaged and frizzy hair, wait for a day after washing your hair before putting the permanent dye.

While Coloring: Hair Color Tips

  • If you are going to color your hair at home, it is very essential to follow the mixing instructions and hair color tips religiously as described on the box.
  • Protective gloves and an old towel, - well, these are some essential things you will need, especially if you are trying hair coloring newly.
  • Take care to keep the dye off your skin. For doing that, you can use creamy gel like Vaseline around your hairline. However, do not get it into your hair as it will interfere with the hair coloring process.

 After Coloring: Hair Color Tips

  • There are some handy tips to make your hair color last longer. Immediately after dying, rinse your hair with some mild lemon based solution, which is going to increase the intensity, richness and strength of the hair color.
  • Another interesting hair color tip, - add two spoons of hair color to your regular conditioner after each shampoo! After leaving it on after three to five minutes, you should rinse it out thoroughly with warm water. That restores and replenishes the color of your hair!

Interesting Hair Color Tips for Your Hair

    • Well, the "warm" formula to lighten your tresses may sometimes leave you messy and brassy. If you are a first timer, opt for a 'cool' or 'neutral' color for the safe bet.
    • Can you imagine running out of dye halfway through the process? Nightmare, it is. Stock up if your locks are longer or very thick. However, in most kits, they provide the right amount of dye for the "average" shoulder-length hair
    • With a little care, you can save yourself after-color anguish and running up again a hefty color-correction bill. Do a strand test before you go for dying all your tresses.
    • Get a friend or a three-way mirror to help you as you stand the chance of mismatched roots and ends with dye dribbling down and over-saturating the roots which are already colored.
    •  After you have dyed your hair, remember the job has just begun. For maintaining the new color, choose shampoos formulated for colored hair. Deep-condition at least once in seven days.
    •  Last but not the least, - it is you who knows the best of what looks best on you. Play with colors, - shades lighter, darker, or redder than you usually choose.  You may end up making a pleasant discovery.