Hair Color Styles

If you are the one who always wants to stand out from the crowd, you should do a pretty serious research on hair color styles to reflect the boldness of your personality and the attitude to impress others at the first glance itself! However, you have to decide first, what suits you best. What are you made for, - fiery red, bombshell blonde, or classic brunette? If you have decided your look, now, it is the time to act upon it! Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect hair color styles for you:

Experiment With Your Look: Color Your Hair

A new hair color can change your overall look and personality, believe it or not! It also adds a new edge to your hairstyles. Add drama and fun to your hair with a sassy color. But beware! Hair color styles gone wrong can be equally as devastating!
For best possible results, stay within two shades of your natural hair color.

Be Different: Break the Color Code this Season

  • The rich burgundy is back! If you have sleek, fine hair, try the rich burgundy with multi-hued red tones. This will add a depth to your look. Also, keep the highlights and the lowlights subtle.
  • If you have thin hair, get yourself some choppy layers and color them with golden highlights. This will bring in a dramatic change in your look with free-and-easy attitude.
  • A rounded cut with choppy fringes will look best with the deep coal color as it will prevent this gamine cut from becoming overly cutesy.
  • Straight and fine hair open ends up looking flat. Go for subtle layers throughout a bob and chestnut tones throughout the cocoa base color will add magic to your look.
  • Play up the jagged edges of the wispy cut, a chocolaty brown color will be perfect.

Talk to Your Colorist for Choosing the Best Hair Color Styles

Have a clear idea in your head of what you want before you visit the salon to color your hair. Don’t leave all the decisions to yourself though as some results may disappoint you. Also, do a bit of research with your colorist. Talk to friends who have recently colored their hair.
It is unlikely that your colorist will decline to give you the shade you request. However, take his/her advice into consideration. He/she has professional expertise in the field and may know best what can suit your skin tone and hair type.

Know about the Latest Trends in Hair Color Styles

No, this is not true, that pretty much anything can go as a unique hair color these days. However, bold colors are the rage these days, colors like red! You can also try unconventional colors to stand out from the crowd as a flame top sometimes becomes too predictable, as starting from teens to celebrities, - almost everybody is flaunting it!
If you want to stick on to some natural look, go for or natural-looking color, with subtle highlights and lowlights in two or three different shades. Use new lines with gentler formulas and experiment with semi-permanents. Also remember, fashion may come and go. Choose the shade that suits your complexion, hair type and lifestyle for glowing with a timeless beauty!

Levels of Hair Color

2=Very Dark Brown
3=Dark Brown
5=Medium Brown
6=Light Brown
7=Dark Blonde
8=Light Blonde
9=Very Light Blonde
10=Light Platinum Blonde