Hair Color Spray

What is Hair Color Spray

Hair Color Spray can work wonders to over bald spots and also to cover gray spots.  Nowadays, it is getting popularity among people as more and more people are facing hair problems with the changing environment and the surrounding pollutions. However, the most important trick of using a hair color spray to cover up the weak spots of your tresses entirely depends on the application technique. It may take a while for you to get the hang of it, but in time you will. 
Hair Color Spray is very much affordable as well. Lay your hand on one and stop shying away as there is now solution to those bald spots on your hair!

Things You will Need

  • Hair spray color
  • Hand mirror
  • Plastic gloves

How to Use Hair Color Spray

  • The first and foremost thing is to get the correct hair spray color. Forget the cheap seasonal brands that you tried last time in Halloween. Go for some inexpensive, but highly rated versions. Choose the color that is as close to yours as possible. For doing this, you can walk up to a hair salon and get your hair matched with hair color samples. Even, the hair color salons have some nice collection of hair color sprays available for their clients. They can assist you in finding the right one. Go for a water proof hair spray color so it won't run or fade in water.
  • Now that you have the hair color spray and you are ready for the go, you can start using it. Hold it 10-12 inches from the head while spraying. It is always advisable to wear rubber gloves for a couple of reasons; first of all, you do not want the dark color on your hands. The other reason being, if you are wearing gloves, you can put color on your fingers and apply on areas like the temples or gray roots. Also, wear something to protect your clothing from getting a drop of color here and there.
  • For the grey areas, take some color on the gloved fingers and apply it smoothly from top to bottom so that it is evenly distributed throughout the strands. Use a hand mirror to look at around the head.
  • Now that you are done with your hair coloring, it is time to check out the missed areas. Take a second opinion from your family or friend as mirrors may not be enough to even out all the missed areas. It will take you some time to get used to the application. However, for all men and women worried with thinning and gray hair, hair color spray is worth giving a try as it is inexpensive and easy to apply.

Hair Color Spray Tips and Warnings

  • Protect clothing and skin
  • Watch shelf life of product
  • Make sure hair is clean
  • Protect pillow cases

Hair color spray does also come in tacky glittery spray that you can use to punk up your look. It is a temporary and fast way to add some natural highlights to your hair. You can try eccentric temporary hair color sprays for a costume or special event if you are not that bold to go for them permanently by dyeing your hair.

Hair Color Spray Tips for Creating the Streak Effect

For going for the streaky effect, use an old, but tight fitting plastic shower cap. Poke small holes in the cap and get the strands sectioned out of the holes where you want to color. Slowly and carefully, spray the chunks separately. After the color spray has dried, look for the top roots or any other areas which you might have missed. When you want to get back to your original look again, just wash off the hair color spray with shampoo and warm water.