Hair Color For Men

Hair coloring is some serious business, no matter it is for the fairer sex or the male of the species! In recent times, there have been lots of discussions and debates around the hair of man – should he wear it long or go for a classy short crop, should he use style products or walk away with his untamed ruggedness, should man go for hair transplants or just opt to bald gracefully? Needless to say, hair color for men has been the hottest topic for all times with people wondering not only whether or not men should color their hair, but also the colors they should lay their hands on.

Hair Color for Men: Cover up the Grays

For most men, one of the intriguing problems of their lives is their grey hair. Well, it is unfortunately true. Men tend to age faster than women after they cross their twenties. The reason may be their lifestyle and the fact that they get exposed to pollutants and stress more often than women do. So, most men have nightmares as they count their gray hair. True as it is, who will want to look as old as 50 while his lady still looks 30?

If you are one of those unfortunate bunch, give dying your hair a thought. Well, it can also give your personality a stylish edge if you choose the right color and assert your look with some perfect highlights.

If you have sensitive scalp, or if you are allergic to certain chemicals that are used in the dyes, do not lose heart. Natural hair color for man can help you get your grays covered and sport a healthy head of hair. After all, there is no harm in sticking to the natural way.

  • Henna - Henna is known to give your hair a natural brown color. Mix with tea, beetroot or cranberry to have a black or a reddish brown tint on your hair. You can also use beer in the henna mixture as it is known to be an excellent conditioner (and for men, you bet, it is handy too)!
  • Pepper and Curd – Mix pepper with curd and check if the mixture is dark gray. It is also a very good remedy for seborrheic dermatitis, i.e. dandruff. This is an excellent natural hair dye.
  • Tea – Mix tea, lavender and yogurt and leave on the mixture on your hair for 45 minutes. It will impart a natural brown color to your hair. For best results, use chamomile tea.
  • Rosemary and Sage – These herbs are known to have darkening effects on your hair. Put it for an hour and settle down on the sofa to watch the highlights of last night’s football match. After you wash it off, you can feel the difference yourself. Repeat the process for twice a week initially.

Hair Color for Men: Who Said Looking Stylish is Only a Woman’s Monopoly? 

Coloring your hair is not just about covering your grays. Establish your own style by experimenting with new colors and highlights. Subtle frosted tips can impart an air of sophistication to your whole personality. Rock the world with a youthful vibe by coloring strands of your hair with more vibrant and dramatic colors. Revive the essence of the youthfulness again with hair color for men.

Hair Color for Men: For That lasting Impression

In today’s competitive market, it is always necessary to project yourself as young and cheerful. Yes, looking your best is as integral as putting your best step forward. A dull hair can ruin your whole personality and take out the magic from the ‘perfect’ you. Looking polished and stylish with hair color for men will not only make you impressive in your professional field, you will be also labeled as a charmer wherever you go.

Hair Color For Men: Maintain Your Uniqueness and Sobriety

A word of caution! Do not get biased by the look of the model on the hair color pack when you are all set to try a new hair color. Pick the color and the shade right for you by consulting with your hair care expert. Be confident. Remember, coloring your hair is going to be the first step towards a great new look and an attractive personality.