Hair Color Ideas

Bring in the Change With Some Excellent Hair Color Ideas

Changing the hair color and the right decision to choose the right hair color is a very vital point in the make-over of one’s personality. It is really important to understand which shades are better fitted for your look. Remember, there are four main shades. - blonde, brunette, red, and black. These basic shades can be further subdivided into different hues like golden brown, dark red, and a lot of other choices. If the perfect hair color complements your look and facial features, it can bring about a magical change in your look and personality.

Searching For Hair Color Ideas? Have a Look at Your Skin First!

If you are looking for some really cool hair care ideas, the first thing you have to carefully focus is the color of your skin and what complements your skin tone. Do a little bit of research. Even you can consult a hair care expert. Once you know what hair color suits your skin, you will also understand the colors you should stay away from:

  • Yellow Undertones: These people should religiously avoid deep gold
  • Pink Undertone: Red or strawberry tones are a strict no-no for them
  • Pale Skin: Deep dark colors may just contrast with their skin color. The result will be a ghoulish look.
  • Dark/Tan Skin: They should never go for one-tone blonde (honey or 5 tone blonde looks better)

So what hair color should you go for?

  • Brown/Gold Undertones: Golden or honey colors with red highlights are just the right colors for them!
  • Rosy/Ebony Undertones: Brown or black with burgundy highlights will complement their skin tone.

If you are not too much into experimentation, just be safe by opting for a couple shades lighter or darker than your current color. The better is, the temporary hair colors that will last only a few wash!

Hair Color Ideas: Bring Out That Vibrancy with Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is all about creating a fresh and vibrant look and is popular from college-going teens to the celebrities. Blonde hair with some highlighted streaks really looks glamorous and dazzling. You can experiment with the blonde hair color, by adding lowlights or changing the blonde shades. If you are really keen on some drastic makeover, go for the platinum blonde. The tones for blonde hair color are available in shades of strawberry blonde, honey blonde, and a variety of other tones to match different skin tones.

Blonde Hair Color Ideas: Golden Blonde, Blonde with Honey Highlights

Hair Color Ideas : Add Spice to your Life with the Red Hair

“Can I Go Red?” This is really a returning question in every teen’s mind. The good news is, anyone can go red, the only thing being, finding the right shade of red. However, it is a bold color, and it is better to go for a professional consultation before you actually go for it. Also, it is better to trust your hair to a professional when you want to go red. There are a lot of women who faced the bitter experience of their hair turning orange when they went the box route.
Red hair is suitable for medium and long hair lengths and even for short hair too if you have some really delicate features. If maintained correctly, it reflects a natural vibrancy. You can also experiment by combining the red color with other complimentary shades.

Hair Color Ideas: Go For The Mysterious and Feminine Look with Brunette Locks

The Brunette hair color can be considered as one of the most versatile hair colors as there are a lot of shades to choose from and the colors seem to complement just any skin tone. Be it honey brown to light auburn to caramel, you can exhibit a bright, bronze appearance that is not as strong as blonde, yet feminine and mysterious and a rich tone which is not as dark as black. The Brunette hair color is a great choice if you are going to change your hair color as it compliments a lot of features.  

Brunette Hair Color Ideas: Chocolate brown, Honey/Dark Blonde

Back to Basics with Dark Hair

Some may call it just dull or boring, but the truth is, dark black hair has some enchanting qualities than other hair colors. It is plain and simple, yet very exotic and creates the feel that you are looking at a medieval beauty, especially if the hair is long and very shiny. If you want to go for black hair, remember, you should never afford to leave it dull but shiny and reflective. You can add a few dark brown highlights to add some spice to your black mane, but still, the result will be a different look that is not as good as the sleek cascade of black hair.


Selecting the right hair color is the keyword of hair color ideas. Also adding different complimentary shades can spruce up your style and personality to a great extent. Changing the hair color once in a while is not as dramatic as some orthodox ones think. On the contrary, it is very invigorating and fresh bringing in a change in your look and opening up the different options to style yourself.