Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips

Hair should be cared and treated properly in order to maintain them healthy and nourished. And of course beautiful hair with a stunning hair cut can completely change your appearance. Since, the condition of scalp also influences hair development, special care should also be taken to maintain a healthy scalp. Let us see some of the important tips to maintain healthy and shiny hair:

Choose Suitable Hair Care Products

Always try to choose hair care products that suits your hair better. If your hair is in dry and damaged condition, choose products that are meant to repair such damages. Similarly, if you have undergone any hair treatments like coloring, bleaching etc., choose products that are meant especially for such hair. If your hair and scalp is too oily, choose deep cleansing shampoos and light conditioners. Avoid the use of hair care products with alcohol content as it may lead to hair dryness.

Hair Washing

Hair washing helps in removing dirt, dead cells and other pollutants from your hair. People with dry hair need to wash their hair only twice or thrice a week and people with oily hair can wash their hair daily or every alternate days. Whatever the type of hair you have, you can wash it whenever you feel it is necessary. You can wash your hair either with or without using shampoo, but the use of shampoo should be limited to about two or three times a week. Avoid the use of hot water for washing hair, instead make use of cold water.

Shampoo Your Hair in Right Way

Shampooing helps in cleansing your hair as well as scalp. Try using different brands and types of shampoos and find out which one suits well for you. Shampooing should be done in a right way for an effective result. First of all detangle your hair using a wide toothed comb. After detangling, wet your hair and scalp properly using water. Pour small amount of shampoo onto your palm and rub it well using the other palm, apply it to the scalp and then to the hair by gently massaging in circular motion. Apply shampoo one more time in the same way to ensure proper cleaning. Rinse off the shampoo using pure water and dry it gently. Never dry your hair by rubbing with a towel, instead wipe off excess water using a clean dry towel and allow it to dry naturally. Avoid the use of hair dryer as it may damage your hair.

Use Conditioners After Shampooing

Shampooing may wash out moisture from the hair, so in order to regain it make use of conditioners. Always choose a good quality conditioner and also try using different varieties until you get a suitable one. Whatever the type of hair you possess, never forget to condition it after shampooing. People with dry hair need to apply conditioners through out the length of the hair and people with oily hair need to apply it only towards the tip. Conditioners are much better for those with dry hair as it hydrates the hair properly. Conditioners should not be applied to the scalp. Try to keep at least a distance of 1 inch from the scalp. Conditioners should not be used immediately after shampooing, instead blot off excess water with a towel and then remove tangles by passing fingers through it. Pour small amount of conditioner onto your palm and apply it gently to the hair. Make sure you have covered the entire hair. Allow it to stand for five minutes and then gently massage the hair strands to loosen the conditioner. Rinse it properly until the conditioner gets removed completely and then dry it.

Comb Your Hair in Right Way

Never comb wet hair, combing wet hair may lead to hair breakage. So wait until it gets dried properly. Try to choose wide toothed combs especially to remove the tangles. You can also remove tangles using fingers prior to combing. Also try to choose combs with smooth tips. Combs with pointed and sharp tips may scratch the scalp, break hair and may cause split ends. Clean your comb using soap or wash solution at least once a week. Always comb your hair in downward motion.

Protect Your Hair Before and After Swimming

Most of the swimming pools have chlorinated water which is harmful for hair. So before entering the swimming pool you should take necessary precautions. Wet your hair properly with pure water that is devoid of chorine before entering the pool. Since hair has good absorbing power, it will absorb the pure water used to wet it initially and thereby prevents the absorption of chlorinated water. Use of swimming cap is also an effective way to protect hair. Always shampoo and condition your hair after swimming.

Trim Your Hair Every 4 to 6 Weeks

Try to trim your hair regularly every 4 to 6 weeks. This will help in removing split ends. You need to trim only half inch from the tip.

Protect Your Hair from Sun Damage

Try to use hair care products that contain sun protection factors in it. Such products will help in protecting your hair from harmful effects of sun rays.

Thus, by caring and protecting your hair in the right way, you can gain beautiful, shiny and healthy hair.