Tips to Stay Beautiful - Hair Care Tips For Women

Hair is aptly referred to as the “crowning glory” of a woman. Healthy hair locks and curls reflect a healthy body and vice-versa. But a few basic tips surely help you to manage your hair easily. So, get ready for easy to practice Hair Care tips for women.

Healthy Body for a Healthy Mane

A healthy balanced diet, regular exercise and good sleep are very essential for a healthy mane. Avoid smoking, boozing and unhealthy fast foods to maintain a healthy hair. Switch to a healthy lifestyle by following Hair Care tips for women regularly.

Hair Care Routine

A typical hair care routine involves shampooing, conditioning, drying, combing/ brushing. Choice of hair care products after, before and during a hair wash is also very important. The following paragraphs elaborate some Hair Care Routine.

Shampooing & Conditioning 

Purchasing a fine shampoo and conditioner is very significant. Try using products that are herbal or botanical extracts. Use of synthetic shampoos will definitely affect your scalp in the long-run.

  • Once you have chosen the right shampoo for your hair type, a guide to proper application is important in addition. Wet your hair and rinse it gently before applying shampoo. Care must be taken to use Luke warm water. Do not use too hot or cold water as may cause hair breakage. Rinse your hair gently with the shampoo and completely rinse off lather and other residues. Do not rinse your hair twice as this may over stimulate your oil glands leading to an oily scalp.
  • Always follow shampooing with conditioning. A shampoo is usually acidic in nature in order to remove the dirt and the grime. This makes the hair frizzy hence; a fine conditioner helps balance. It not only protects your hair but also reduces static and prevents hair from getting tangled. Apply the conditioner about one inch away from your scalp because, the roots contain oils and do not require additional conditioning. 


Natural drying is recommended for wet hair. But if you must use a hair dryer use a cooler setting. Do not leave the dryer on one spot for longer seconds try keep it moving from as far away as possible. If you dry your hair in hurry you could end up losing lots of hair as wet hair is highly susceptible to breakage.

Combing /Brushing

Choose a comb/brush made from natural materials is recommended to avoid static. Also, choose combs with wide teeth or bristles; sharp teeth or bristles damage your hair and prick your scalp resulting in drying and itching. Keep your combs/brushes clean by washing them regularly.

These essential Hair Care tips for women for women will surely ensure healthy and beautiful hair.