Hair Care For Men

Always Pat Dry

Rubbing the hair forcefully with the towel is one of the major causes of damage to men’s hair. One should always remember that when the hair is wet, the roots of the hair are very delicate and it is susceptible to damage. When you are rubbing your head with the towel,   damage is caused to the cuticle of the hair leading to frizziness, and split ends. The most effective solution for making your hair dry when you are in a hurry is, stroking the hair in the direction it grows after shaking out the excess water from the hair. Also avoid blow drying as it tends to dry your hair and scalp. If you must use it, coat your hair with a thermal styling spray or detangler before using the dryer.

Cool Off

It feels awesome to bath in a piping hot shower. But do not forget that though it may feel refreshing and relaxing for the time being, it is causing havoc on your hair and scalp. Very hot water can make your hair and scalp dry and lead to hairfall and eventually, baldness.

Avoid Chemical Treatments

Do not color or perm your hair very frequently just to ape the contemporary trend blindly. All the good that it can do to you is leaving your hair damaged, dry, and dull. If you want a change in your hairstyle consult a stylist rather than trying chemical products at home.

Use a Good Shampoo and Conditioner

A good shampoo and conditioner are one of the most essential needs for good hair. So choose the best ones that can impart moisture and elasticity, and smooth the cuticle to add shine.

Use the Right Tools

Using a brush on wet hair is a strict no no. When the hair is wet, it is most vulnerable. Use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair to work out the tangles smooth.

Stay Healthy

The sheen of the hair is nothing but the reflection of the inner health of the body. To maintain an all-round health, eat a balanced diet, exercise, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and reduce stress in your life.

Avoid Tight Hats or Helmets

Tight hats or helmets can induce "traction alopecia." This can be the result of tight ponytails also. Try to avoid both.

Keep it Trimmed

Keeping your hair trimmed does not only allow it to grow with style, it also becomes manageable if you have a stylish crop. It also keeps your hair free of split ends. Even if you are planning to wear your hair long, do not forget to trim it every six weeks.

Reduce Frizz

Your hair becomes frizzy when there is lack of moisture and protein in the hair. Start using a good deep conditioner to combat this problem. A slick, smoothing serum for that added shine is just what you need!

Maintain a Healthy Scalp

Always remember, the roots of great hair start from the scalps and you can never have great looking and strong hair unless you take good care of your scalp.

Hair is a very important part of one’s personality. So, to make it look attractive follow the guidelines of hair care for man to sport the look you have always wanted!