Guarana Herbal Supplement

Guarana Supplements Info

Guarana is a shrub of the Sapindaceae family, found in Venezuela and northern Brazil. Gurana is used by the inhabitants of the Amazonian rain forest in food and beverages by adding crushed seeds of it to enhance alertness and cut down fatigue. As a dietary supplement, guarana is considered to be an effective energy booster - as it is two times richer in terms of caffeine content found in coffee beans.

Concentrated guarana extracts, nonetheless, can have caffeine at high levels as high as 40-50%, with popular supplements offering 50-200 mg of caffeine each day (the same quantity containing in 1-2 cups of strong coffee).

Benefits of Guarana Supplement

  • Guarana is generally facilitated as a trigger to bolster mental alertness, decrease reaction time, enhance performance of attention-requiring jobs, temporarily maintain performance during physical exertion, consolidate mental alertness, and keep people awake which are considered to be requisite in many sports.

  • Professional athletes rely on it to lose weight in combination with Asprin, Ephedrine and Guarana. Maintaining this cycle for 6 weeks at a time and then taking 2 weeks off from it can yield results. In this way, guarana can replace caffeine.

  • Guarana is also an effective diuretic, which drains out water from body.

  • It also helps in weight loss, by triggering adrenaline release and mobilizing fatty acid release. It enables fatty acids to be used for energy.

  • It also curbs appetite.

Side Effects of Guarana Supplement

It is safe if consumed not in excess. At high dosages, Guarana can lead to adverse effects, like gastrointestinal disorder, nervousness, uneasiness, lack of sleep, muscle tremor, headache, nausea, anxiety, tachycardia, or card arrhythmia.

Precautions of Guarana Supplement

  • It must be avoided if you are on creatine supplements, as creatine retains water. On the other hand caffeine is diuretic.

  • At high dosage, it can leave your body dehydrated, so ensure you are well hydrated and take extra fluid during exercise to counter the diuretic effect. Don’t use it with other diuretics.

  • Do not begin guarana supplement without taking advice of your doctor if you are expecting or breast feeding.

Doses of Guarana Supplement

The recommended dosage of Guarana can be between 50 to 200 mg each day or better you should consume it according to the directions provided on product labels.