How to Choose a Green House Window and Installation Tips

How to Choose a Green House Window and Installation Tips


Growing a herb garden in the kitchen has been most popular trend for a lot of people these days when so many are focusing on consuming healthier yet tasty food. When you cut down fats and sugars from your meal, they can be pretty flavorless unless you use herbs and spices to offer them a special pizzazz. Fresh herbs are much healthier along with taste compared with packaged ones which is inspiring more and more people to consider installing kitchen garden windows. Having a garden window will enable you grow a variety of herbs without disturbing your spacious kitchen counter platform.

How to Install Green House Window

• Having a greenhouse window does not ask to give up any light and fresh air that you receive from a normal window, either. 

• Most of them will require two casement windows which will enable you to open them to have the breeze. As they bow out from the wall of the house and manifest glass roofs, it attracts extra light through the top making them ideal for greenhouse operation. 

• It would be even greater if the window is just over your kitchen sink area, as in this case the plants will be benefited with the steamy water used in the sink.

• This kind of kitchen greenhouse window offers a gorgeous panoramic view. 

• While it is always a great idea to establish support brackets on the exterior of the house to assist hold up the window and bear the weight you are going to put on it, this gets relatively necessary with an extended countertop unit.

Factors to Consider For Installing Green House Window

• You should make sure that your kitchen greenhouse window has a long lasting, waterproof bottom shelf, and it should have one or more adjustable glass shelves which can be very useful. 

• A few of the kitchen greenhouse windows can even be established as counter top stretches.

• While it is quite a great idea to select that material which matches your other windows, you must consider that vinyl has less conductivity and quite capable enough to provide more heat in your window, as well as more resistance to condensation compared with an aluminum window. 

• Depending on the positioning of your window, you can install a greenhouse window opener to protect your plants from getting overheated during the summer days. 

• With a kitchen greenhouse window, you can develop a sense of an avid gardener, as well as a seasoned chef.

• To get the best benefits of greenhouse window you should choose to take help of someone having some experience of this installation work to avoid any gaps between the frames, which will not only keep heat out, but will also keep cold winter air at bay which can kill your plants.

Benefits of Installing Green House Window

• Greenhouse windows add as a foot of extra counter space over a sink. Nonetheless this makes a great spot for herbs and plants due to the extra light the area collects, there are many more processes you can facilitate this extra space. For example, you might wish to facilitate this place as a showcase portion for decorative articles or for cookbook storage. If your window has an added shelf, that will generate even more useful space.

• The technique used to craft kitchen garden windows is very foolproof. They are made to be entirely weather-tight and won't generate leaks like some bay windows do. 

• Apart from this, many of them are coated with a UV protactant that will not allow harmful rays to enter into your kitchen and affect your skin. This specialty will enable you ward off skin cancer as well as safeguard the items kept in the window area from cracking, fading, and damaging. 

• They have also been designed to look just as fabulous from the outside as they do from inside and offer an extremely practical add on to any kitchen.


It is quite environment friendly and quite a great ideal to go green if you are planning to install a green house window. But don’t forget to keep a few important aspects of this process in mind while installing green house window. 

If you are dedicated to live and eat healthy and committed to make the ambience of your house green and environment friendly, going for green house window is the ideal way to do so!