Simple Green Tea Facial Toner

Green Tea Facial Toner Introduction

You might have come across somewhere or the else that skin toners should not be ignored rather it should be used regularly; as a toner can do wonderful things for your skin. But there is a lot of confusion that surround the facial toner such as what should be the right approach of choosing the toner and what toner should be selected for us? This gives an idea to us that the toners are used or referred for many skin care products other than like astringents, fresheners and some common traditional tonners.

Traditional tonners refer to the skin care products that help in soothing the skin and it includes moisturiser, facial masks, extracts and other oils. Astringents are also a kind of tonner but they contain alcohol and they help in removing the excess oil from your face and also help in tightening of your face. These kinds of toners are easily available in groceries and departmental stores. Fresheners are similar to that of Astringents they too help in tightening the skin of your face but they do not contain alcohol rather they are made up of Green Tea or caffeine.

One thing you must have noticed that all these products fall under the same category whose broad classification is Toner. Generally, a toner is used to keep the skin tightened and also moisturised at the same time. But as it is broadened in so many category it also gets criticism of drying the skin too some extent. So all you need to do is to choose the right one for you and for that you need to know the problems of the skin that you are facing that may be blackhead, large pores, excessive dryness, excessive oiliness or lack of absorption. 

Whatever choice you make you just need to be careful that your toner shouldn’t contain any kind of harmful ingredient like acetone or alcohol. As it is very well said in a Chinese Proverb that you can stay away from good food for 2-3 days but you cannot deprive yourself from tea even a day. Such are the benefits and the effects of tea; they are good to drink and some of them prove to be a good toner for your skin. Such as green tea it is very well used as a simple green tea toner. 

Simple Green Tea Facial Toner

Simple green tea toner is a good facial toner and is very used for all kinds of skin. If you use this natural skin care tip you will witness a wonderful and excellent goodness of the green tea facial toner on your skin. It is very easy to prepare, all you need is green tea and water. First you boil some water in a pot and then drop the green tea in that and boil it for a few minutes and keep it aside so that it cools down. Later you can refrigerate it and then use it. If you want you can also make ice cubes of the same and use it after the facial procedure. 

As you can see that is very easy and simple to prepare, similarly it is very easy and simple to use; you first need to clean your face and then dip a cotton ball in the liquid and apply it on your face and neck. After around 5-10 minutes you can rinse it off with lukewarm water. The ice cubes that you prepared out of the Simple Green Tea Toner liquid can be used after the facial procedure; this will help you in getting a smooth skin and also you need to apply moisturiser after the application of the ice cubes. 

This natural skin care recipe is suitable for all skins. Green tea also has the qualities of antiseptic and astringent. It helps in tightening of your skin and closes down the pores and acts very gentle to your skin. Use of this tonner will give a soft and a smooth skin and for better result you should apply it regularly. You just need to be cautious on one point that if you have any kind of allergy or problem with green tea it is advisable for you not to use it in any form. It would be rather better for you to consult a skin specialist before applying it to your skin.