Green Tea Capsules Nutritional Supplement

Supplements for Green Tea Capsules

Healthcare practitioners and healers throughout history have facilitated green tea to treat all kinds of disorders, including aches, depression and indigestion. Green tea contains vitamins, oils, minerals, and antioxidants, which some research believe may promote average health and longevity. Certain ingredients in green tea may react with other supplements or medications.  You should take advice of your physician before initiating any green team supplement program.

Benefits for Green Tea Capsules

The health benefits of capsules of green tea are due to high concentration of chemical compounds called polyphenols, which is rich in strong antioxidant properties. The University of Maryland Medical Center claims that polyphenols may aid in prevention or treatment of a few types of cancer. Capsules of green tea may also decrease cholesterol and promote cardiovascular health, if the University of Michigan Health System is to be believed. Green tea may also help in regulating blood sugar and cut down the risk for type 2 diabetes. Nevertheless promising, research into the effects of green tea is at its initial stage and you must not use green tea supplements to replace medical treatment for any illness.

Weight Control

Green tea may catapult the metabolism and assist the body in shedding pounds. Also, the University of Michigan signals that capsule of green tea may support weight loss by forbidding body's digestion of fat. Several weight loss products contain green tea, but you should be careful using these supplements. Several cases of liver damage have been witnessed by people using these products, and though researchers are not sure what exactly lead to the liver damage, they alerted against taking huge doses of concentrated green tea extract or capsules.

Skin Care

The human body naturally generates free radicals apart from being exposed to the free radicals in the environment. These chemical elements damage skin cells and target the collagen and elastin that is responsible for young and firm skin. The antioxidant components in green tea deliver free radicals actually harmless, as said by the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

Bone and Joint Health

According to, capsules of green tea may slightly increase bone density. This could aid in the prohibition of bone loss and osteoporosis. Green tea content may also be good for joint health by diminishing cartilage deterioration and decreasing inflammation. Further research is required to completely understand green tea's effects on human bones and joints.

Precautions and Dosage for Controlling Side Effects

Though green tea is otherwise a safe and natural supplement, the University of Maryland Medical Center suggests people with stomach ulcers, anxiety and kidney troubles stay away from capsule of green tea. Since green tea carries caffeine, pregnant or breastfeeding women are also not recommended using it.