Gout Home Remedies

Gout Home Remedies

About Gout Home Remedies

  • Gout is nothing but a general state of arthritis.
  • It causes pain, swelling and inflammation in one or more than one joints.
  • It suddenly attacks on the first joint, mainly on the big toe.
  • It can also happen in a heel, hand, ear, ankles, knees, elbows, or may be wrist.
  • It can create swelling and deep pain in the build up of uric acid crystals.
  • Gout is connected with kidney diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, uric acid, kidney stone and atherosclerosis.
  • It can also happen due to unhealthy food habits or hereditary.
  • Gout can attack both men and women of middle age. But mostly men have this attack.
  • Women can have this problem at the time of menopause.

Causes of Gout

  • As the uric acid level increases the kidney cannot pass the urine off the bladder.
  • This uric acid gets accumulated in the blood.
  • It accumulates in the parts of body like joints, knees.
  • This extra amount of uric acid makes tiny thin crystals in the joints and ankles etc.
  • It can also happen because of excess intake of alcohol, high protein food or junk food.
  • Some times it is because of improper footwear.
  • Pain and swelling are the main symptoms but some other symptoms are loss of appetite and sleep and in some severe cases kidney failure can also take place.
  • People suffering from gout should have balanced diet.
  • They should have green leafy vegetables, fruits and whole wheat grain. They should avoid junk food, mutton and high protein food.

Natural Remedies of Gout

You can try few home remedies for gout

  • You can drink half cup of juice of French beans for about a month for the treatment of gout.
  • Eating apple after every meal is really helpful.
  • Take juice of half lemon and mix it in a glass of water. Drink it thrice in a day.
  • For gout handling juices of raw vegetables are very useful.
  • One more tasty remedy for gout is having fresh cherries about 15 to 20 is really good. If you are not getting fresh cherries then you can take canned one also.
  • You can take charcoal bath. For this bath take half cup of charcoal powder and mix in water to make a paste then put your affected area in it. Add water so that affected area can get covered. Leave it for 50 to 60 minutes.
  • Eating 3 to 4 raw garlic seeds are very useful.
  • Honey is very effective remedy. You can have 3-4 tsp of honey and same amount of apple extract vinegar. Mix this in a glass of water. Mix it well and have it three to four times in a day.

Dos of Gout

  • Having green leafy vegetables are very healthy.
  • Having apple and cherries are good for gout.

Don’ts of Gout

  • Avoid junk foods as it is very harmful.