Gotu Kola Herbal Supplement

Gotu Kola Info

Gotu kola is an ancient medicinal herb, which is mentioned in both Indian and Chinese traditions and is reverently regarded as one of the most spiritual and rejuvenating herbs. It is popularly known as the ‘food for the brain’ because its leaves resemble the two hemispheres of the brain.  Indian lore has it that the Gotu Kola energizes the crown chakra, the fount of energy at the top of the head.  Gotu Kola is also known as the Tiger herb, as tigers wounded in the forest, rub against it to heal their wounds. 

Medicinal Benefits Gotu Kola Supplement

  • Gotu kola is used as a diuretic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and allows the antioxidants Vitamin C and E to function in areas where there is damage.

  • In Indian Ayurvedic system it is used to strengthen the mind and body.

  • It is a vasodilator and makes the blood vessel strong.

  • It is used for nervous disorders, including epilepsy, senility and premature ageing.

  • It helps in meditation and improves intelligence and memory.

  • It strengthens the adrenal glands, purifies the blood and helps to remove skin impurities.

  • The herb acts as a shield against various toxins, stimulates the nervous system, and fights high blood pressure.

  • It is useful to treat rheumatism, blood diseases, congestive heart failure, urinary tract infections, venereal diseases, hepatitis and blood diseases.

  • It helps shrink swollen membranes and helps rid excessive fluid retention.

  • It treats phlebitis, leg cramps and tingling in the finger tips.

  • When applied to wounds it helps prevent scars.

  • The leaves of Gotu kola treat leprosy, cancer, arthritis, hemorrhoids, and tuberculosis.

  • If taken for a long time, Gotu Kola improves the endocrine system leading to increased vitality.

Gotu Kola Supplement Dosage

  • Gotu Kola is available as tea, dried herb, tinctures, capsules, tablets and in ointment form.

  • Dried herb can be used to make a tea thrice daily.

  • Gotu Kola is available in capsule form of 325 mg taken twice with your meals.

  • The best option is to take it under supervision.

Side Effects Gotu Kola Supplement

  • In some cases its use affects the liver.

  • People with cancerous skin lesions are advised against taking Gotu Kola.

  • Other side effects are rare, but if they happen it may include skin allergy, burning sensations, headache, and nausea.

  • It is advised to take a two week break after six weeks of use.

Who can take Gotu Kola Supplement

Adults under supervision of trained doctors.  Gotu kola is not recommended for children and adolescents under the age of 18.  Elderly people should take a mild dosage.  Diabetics are advised not to use Gotu Kola as it increases blood sugar.