Gold Engagement Rings

Engagement rings can come in various forms and metal combinations. However, the metal that is most commonly in demand for engagement rings is gold. Gold engagement rings are chosen for their delicate look, malleability and long lasting luster. They look great as simple bands or combined with gem stones such as emeralds, rubies or sapphires. Diamonds set in gold are a power statement. The luster of these precious stones when combined with the yellow glow of gold enhances their value and style.

Tips on Shopping for Gold Engagement Rings

Set Aside a Budget:

When you go shopping for gold engagement rings, be sure about how much you really want to spend. Gold is an expensive metal that has only appreciated in value, especially in recent times. That makes it an expensive investment. In practice, most people spend about 2 months’ salary on their engagement ring. But then, you are the one to decide. A good suggestion would be to not go overboard, as it should not weigh down on your fixed expenses that might come up after marriage.

Choice of Stones:

Though a plain gold band is good enough, a precious stone such as a diamond would add to the value of the ring. Here again, go for a simple yet good design and do not waste your money on analyzing the clarity and inclusions. Emeralds, Sapphires and rubies are other choices for stones set in gold.

Color of Gold:

Gold engagement rings come in a variety of colors based on the alloy that is used to make them hard. Yellow gold is 91% gold and rest silver. White gold is however made of nickel alloy and hence the white color. When copper is used as an alloy in higher percentage, then it gives rose color gold. Gold with rhodium polish makes it look steel-like. So, go for the color that suits your style.

Setting of the Ring:

Once you have chosen a stone to go with your gold engagement rings, it is time to choose the setting too. Solitaire setting is simple and classic. Filigree work, strong channel setting, prong setting, side-stone setting are just a few of the commonly available choices to set your precious stone in gold.

How to Care for Your Gold Engagement Rings:

Gold, though a tough metal is still natural and gets affected in the presence of harsh chemicals like chlorine. Hence, it is advisable to remove your gold ring before handling detergents and pesticides. Gold jewelry can be cleaned with a soft brush using mild soapy water. Store your gold rings in cloth pouches and avoid prolonged exposure to plastic or velvet during storage, as these materials do not allow the metal to breath.

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