Ways for Genital Hair Removal

At some time or another, everyone has been curious about what the process of genital hair removal involves and how it feels to get it done.  It is quite common in some parts of the world and women do it almost all the time.  Men are also getting into the act and like the feeling of being clean and hairless.  Regardless of your reason to do so, there are several methods available for this area.  Let us consider a few to help decide whether you want to, which one suits you best and fits your budget.

Genital Hair Removal Methods:


Both men and women are using this method.  It is a bit painful method for the first time.  Basically, warm wax is spread on the area where the hair needs to be removed; a strip of cloth is applied and then pulled off.  The hair comes off with the cloth and the area is then neat and clean.  Several salons offer this to men and women.  Brazilian wax jobs are becoming increasingly popular with both sexes.  It is better to get this done by a professional to avoid a mess.


This is another effective method of removing hair and is a painless way of keeping the area clean and smooth. This is by far the cheapest and quickest way to get the desired results. The only drawback is that it has to be done on a regular basis.

Depilatory Creams

One can find several creams to do the job in this sensitive area.  They will keep the hair from growing back quickly and will need to be used on a regular basis.


this is a long process which requires weekly visits to a professional. The good news of course, is that this is permanent and effectiveness can vary from one person to another.  In the long run this is a worthwhile investment.

Laser Treatments

This procedure is now getting more popular with both sexes for hair removal.  Success will depend on whether one has dark hair – the combination of dark hair and light skin will give people the best results.  Varying amounts of electricity are directed towards hair follicles which disrupt their functioning and kill them.  Hair will eventually fall out and not re-grow. This procedure is expected to get cheaper with time.