Gemini and Cancer Compatibility

Gemini and Cancer Compatibility

Gemini and Cancer Love Horoscope

A Gemini and Cancer match is a match of complete opposites. Both the individuals have contrasting qualities and differ a lot from one another. The thought of a Gemini is always driven rationally whereas sentiments and emotions dominate the logic of the other. Another significant difference of this match is, while a Gemini craves for changes and variety, a Cancer is always homely. The mentally stimulated Gemini can make the Cancerian overtly anxious.

However, when a Gemini and a Cancer are together, both influence each other with their strengths. The Cancerian infuses the much needed stability to the Gemini while the Geminian makes the Cancerian look at the world through a more lively and adventurous perspective. Apart from that, there is nothing that works in favour of this match.

Gemini Man & Cancer Woman Marriage Compatibility:

There will be an initial infatuation between a Gemini man and Cancer woman, but that will die very soon. The female is too sensitive to adapt to the ways of the enthusiastic and energetic Gemini man. While he will be always keen to go out to explore the world outside, she will have desires to stay at home. Again, his rationality will be contrasted by her over-flowing emotional and sensitive nature and his flirtatious nature gives rise to jealousy in her. This relationship is not going to work unless there are lot of adjustments and commitment.

Gemini Woman & Cancer Man Love Compatibility

Happiness is not going to last for too long between a Gemini woman & Cancer man as though she will be at first smitten by his considerate and responsible nature, she will find him more and more imposing and confining with time. The Cancer man will also be looking for utmost commitment in his partner while freedom and independence will be the most important needs in a Geminian’s life. His rigidity and fixed nature will face a lot of friction with her flirtatious nature and her need for change.

Gemini and Cancer Compatibility Problems

The pairing up of a Gemini and Cancer is a challenging match as they don’t have much in common in their nature and interests, nor do their strengths and weaknesses complement each other’s. They will have their own different approach towards problems and solutions in life. Though the Crab will find the humor and intellect of the Gemini appealing and the Gemini will be charmed by the stability and depth of the Cancerian, the attraction may not last very long. Things will get worse when the Gemini will exhibit his/her flirtatious nature with other people.

Gemini and Cancer, these two sun signs are typically neutral to each other and the ruling planets of both the sun signs always create a subdued tension between the two even if they are in deep love.

The contrasting nature in Gemini and Cancer also force them to criticize each other. This constant effort of correcting faults results in eroding of the relationship.

Cancer is a water sign and thus has exceedingly powerful flow of emotions within them, making them typically sensitive; the Gemini is an air sign relating to thoughtlessness, flightiness and duality of character. Thus, they always find each other’s characters irritable. While a Gemini may feel that a Cancer is too slow to keep up with him/her, a Cancerian may find no deeper meaning in the fast pursuits of the Gemini to follow his whims, one after another, often not finishing the first.

Gemini and Cancer Compatibility Guidelines

A Gemini and Cancer relationship has many differences, some as grave as to dissolve the relationship. Only the hope may be of a good emotional connection between the two as that will make the Gemini open up to the Cancer, something Geminians rarely do. In the fast life that they lead, the Geminis often forget to look into their own deep insecurities. A Cancerian can help him/her introspect into the deeper emotional aspects of life. Even a Cancer feels secured when sharing their feelings and thoughts with the Gemini. If there is a real soul connection, between these two sun signs, sure there is hope for the two.

Differences will always exist, as the sun signs are not very much compatible. The only way out is to accept each other as they actually are if a Gemini and Cancer are in true love. Cancerians should stop being over-critical of the behaviours of their Gemini partners and stop feeling jealous and insecure. Even a Gemini should slowly introduce the Cancer to his/her social circles and always assure him/her about the place he/she holds in his/her life.

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