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A garden can be defined as “a planned space, usually outdoors, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. “ Gardens can be made from both natural and man-made materials. Building a garden is like decorating your home; it should reflect the person that you are. Athletic people may prefer craggy rock gardens while quiet people prefer the tranquility of a water garden. Whatever your choice, be sure to plan or design the garden first and research about the proper tools, and guidelines for planting and caring for your flowers, vegetables, or herbs

Today there exist many different types of gardens based on different themes such as Alpine garden, Biblical garden, Butterfly garden, Chinese garden, Desert garden, English garden, French landscape garden, French Renaissance garden, Hanging garden, Italian garden, Japanese garden, Kitchen garden, Labyrinth garden, Landscape garden, Organic garden, Rock garden, Roof garden, etc.


Organic Garden

Organic Garden Introduction Organic Gardening is a kind of agriculture that depends on the tech... Read More

Native Plant Garden

Native Plant Garden History A garden is a space planned for generally outdoors and is set apar... Read More

Landscape Garden

Introduction: Landscape garden is generally used to describe the English garden design style defin... Read More

Hedge Maze Garden

Introduction: A maze is a tour puzzle. It is in the form of a complex branching pathway throug... Read More

Labyrinth Garden

Labyrinth Garden History A labyrinth is an intricate system of passageways that has blind alleys.... Read More

Topiary Garden

Topiary is the horticultural method of training long lasting plants, by clipping the leaves an... Read More

Sustainable Garden

Sustainable garden is a category of garden that works in association with nature. There are severa... Read More

Communal Garden

For shared use by a number of local residents, typically in an urban setting, a communal garde... Read More

Sustainable Landscape Garden

Sustainable landscape architecture is a form of sustainable design pertaining to the conceptualiza... Read More

Spanish Garden

History of Spanish Garden A traditional Spanish Garden is a type of designed landscape create... Read More

Sacred Grove Garden

A sacred grove is a plantation of trees of immense religious significance to a specific culture... Read More

Shade Gardens

Those gardens planted and developed in locations with little or no direct sunlight in the da... Read More

Zoological Garden

Zoological garden is a place where animals are confined within enclosures. Meant to be displaye... Read More

Sculpture Garden

Sculpture garden is a type of outdoor garden presenting sculptures, generally several permanently... Read More
Rose Garden

Rose Garden

    History of Rose Garden The history of rose gardens goes back to ancient China... Read More

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