Garden Outdoor Hanging Lanterns and Types

Garden Outdoor Hanging Lanterns and Types


Garden outdoor hanging lanterns provide decent and mild illumination and trigger the mood for parties and get together. If you plan of garden outdoor hanging lanterns, garden decoration and accessories, you should choose the befitting accessories for your garden and home in terms of style and décor. 

Types of Garden Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

There are several outdoor lighting fixtures and accessories you can choose from. Here are the most famous types that may suit your requirement and taste.

Path Lighting 

If you have beautifully arranged paths, decorating it with some path illuminations will not only lighten up the walkway, but also emphasis your tastefully created paths. There are several types of path lighting, i.e. post lanterns, flood lights, and spot lights that are placed on the ground. Select the one that would best brighten up your pathways.

Wall Lanterns

If you wish to place some light by the front door, installing wall lanterns is a great idea. The type of lanterns that you should opt for may be based on the style of your front door. You can get lanterns matching your front door. Opt for a modern style wall lantern if you have modern doors; or a contemporary lantern if the design of your door is traditional. Another most appreciated style is the traditional lantern. To strike balance and pattern, it's a good idea to have a wall lantern on either side of the door. If you own an overhang, you can incorporate a hanging fixture that fuses with your lanterns to offer your front door a consolidated and finish look.

An outdoor lighting lantern is a fabulous incorporation to your home. Choosing the right outdoor lighting fixture for your home will catapult its beauty manifolds.

A lantern style usually includes a packed box with glass side panels and a lighting device in the center. Such lanterns borrow their look from old-fashioned, practical lanterns facilitated to illuminate the way. The glass panels surrounding the interior light kept oil lamps or candles lit during battles with the elements and illuminate the way for people over the centuries. Today, we use such lights as garden accents instead of using them as practical illumination. Most produce inappropriate light for security or safety, and instead should be used for just decorative effects. 

Electric Garden Lights

Electrical hanging garden lanterns remind of Christmas lights in that they basically include many smaller lanterns on a string. Such lanterns may be identical to Asian designed lanterns, old-fashioned carriage lamps, butterfly lights or generate multicolored whimsical feel. Look for lights marked practically for garden use. Do not facilitate indoor lights outside as the electrical systems aren't built to withstand the situation. You may wish to take down the lanterns in the winter and keep them inside for necessary protection, specifically if you live in a climate that is exposed to snow and ice. 

Solar Garden Lanterns

Solar hanging garden lanterns are generally suspended on a metal spike or crozier-shaped pillars in the garden. Each lantern has a solar cell on the top, so make sure to place such a lantern where sunshine is available easily. Most prominent garden and home chains i.e., Lowe's and Home Depot offer solar garden lanterns in myriads of style, including hanging patterns. You can also affix a bracket to the side of the house, garage or any shed to suspend a solar garden lantern. 

Candle Lamps

Some outdoor hanging lamps get energy from candles for illumination. The lamps are made from metal with glass or heavy-duty plastic materials. Tea light candles or small votive candles placed into the central box give gentle light. The glass or plastic panels protect the flame from blowing out due to wind. These hanging garden lights appear beautiful and make fabulous accents for an evening garden party. 

Some Other Kinds of Lanterns

Depending upon the event and occasion, season, and reason a wide spectrum of outdoor lanterns are available out there in great designs and styles. Keeping in view the functionality, you can choose outdoor lanterns available in some more categories:

Pole Mounted Lanterns: They offer gentle illumination to a broader area depending upon the height of the poles and are generally facilitated in open surroundings.

Wall Mounted Lanterns: They offer style and convenience to the homeowners and are typically facilitated to illuminate the entrance part.

Hanging Lanterns: They offer a classic feel to the immediate surrounding and is generally facilitated in outdoor get together and other recreational occasions.

Antique Style Lanterns: An antique patterned outdoor lighting lantern goes well everywhere; whether it is a trendy styled house or a traditional abode. You can select, for example, European designed lanterns manifesting amber glass panes with Oriental antique style lantern or fancy metalwork or; it could be in the shape of pagodas with low roofs.

Japanese Style Lanterns: They offer you the most flexible variety of designs displaying Japanese creativity with elegance - from paper lanterns to box shaped lanterns to stone designed lanterns. They look magnificent with most Western style decorations.

Chinese Style Lanterns: These lanterns are seen in Chinese New Year and are generally made of bamboo and paper. Such lighting lantern is nice to generate an atmosphere of Oriental mystique.

Candle Lanterns: The decent flickering light of the candles is perfect for a classic yet traditional setting and incorporates to the glamour of the event. This is a very wide variety to explore; many people opt for Moroccan candle lanterns that fusion bright and deep colors with elegance.

Christmas Lanterns: Every year Christmas decorations and lanterns add newer ideas and you can choose what suits you.


If you are innovative and have an aesthetic taste you can fuse style, design, and lighting colors to generate a fascinating atmosphere. A well-chosen outdoor lighting lantern will greatly magnify the ambiance and beauty of the immediate landscape.