Garden Gnome

Garden Gnome


History of Garden Gnome 

Garden Gnome has a history of its own. It's much more than an ordinary yard decoration. You should get to have the knowledge of the culture of the Garden Gnomes prior to purchasing one.

The trail of Gnomes can be found in the middle of nineteenth century in the German countries. At that time several craftsmen produced these statues from clay. All through the nineteenth century they moved to the England and America. During this period most of the factories manufacturing Gnomes were nationalized and transformed to producing ammunitions and supplies. In the 60's clay were used in place of plastic and mass production of Garden Gnomes were witnessed. 

Extremists Groups

There are a few people who are not satisfied with the current situation of the Garden Gnomes in the society. They are striving for freedom for the Gnomes. It is also said that that Garden Gnome is not free until it's taken to the forest where it find it's true path in life. There are some extremist groups which function illegally by hiding in people's yards and stealing the little figures. There is a political movement also which fight for the freedom of Garden Gnomes. Be sure to keep your precious little statues out of the reach of the Gnome liberators.

What to See When Buying Garden Gnomes 

Garden gnomes are extremely famous amongst people particularly in the United States. You can purchase it keeping in view your garden preference. They can be found in a wide variety of materials. Collectible gnomes need a whole lot of maintenance. If you wish to buy those ones that do not require much care and attention then you must choose the plastic ones. Some people are more inclined towards antique stuff. You can also get antique gnomes but, they are not actually manufactured for the garden. Caring for your garden gnome appropriately will probably bring good luck and goodwill.

• The major feature that requires to be considered prior to buying a garden gnome is the maintenance. Kimmel gnomes ask for less care and maintenance and can withstand extreme external weather conditions. They are made of anti frost stoneware pottery. Kimmel gnome can easily be repaired if it gets damaged with the assistance of a special kind of adhesive available in the market. 

• You can also opt for clay gnomes, although they are not as durable as Kimmel gnomes. You will have to offer them shelter during winter season and store them in frost free ambience when the temperature is freezing. Mild soap and water can clean your gnome when it becomes dirty.

• Concrete and Stone gnomes can be broken due to moisture during the winter season. You can administer concrete or masonry sealant on them to safeguard them from the moisture and extreme weather situations. 

• Resin garden gnomes are also quite long lasting and can be cared easily as resin is a very durable composition. It is a synthetic polymer and weather resistant also. Visually it is quite attractive and can be found at affordable prices. You can wax your gnomes so that they look great for longer. You can buy the wax that is specifically produces for bronze statues. There are several online retailers selling attractive garden gnomes at discounted prices.

Where to buy them

A variety of Garden Gnomes can be found online. They are found in all kinds of styles and designs. Gnomes are a nice way to manifest one-self to the external world. They make a perfect gift to a family member or to a close friend of yours. These are ideal incorporation to your garden.

Online Stores

These stores are out to ensure that you get the best quality garden décor. Their aim is to incorporate some fun to your garden or yard. You could select from College designs to NFL designs, NBA designs to MLB designs along with NHL designs. This would be the ideal gift for them as it would be a noble way to manifest their team pride. You could select one for your home or office. 

Garden Gnome Costumes for Halloween

During Halloween several people love to wear garden gnome costumes. You cannot find them easily in malls or stores. But you can get these in myriads of shape and sizes in online stores. 

Garden Gnome Accessories

You can also purchase a great variety of accessories also. You can purchase gnome coin boxes, salt and pepper shakers along with t-shirts. You could also purchase gnome garden stones, tree faces, stepping stones etc. You can even purchase mascot garden statues and artifacts also. These stores would offer the ideal garden décor for gnome freaks and lovers. This would light up and give life to your lawn offering it a totally new look. So go ahead and check out with these online stores to acquire the perfect gnome for you.