Garden Decorations

Garden Decorations


Outdoor garden decor is the decoration that one's neighbors and passerby's will witness and admire as they walk past your home. This decor should be durable, fabulous and manifest a great sense of design in the owner. There are several different decors available and opting for the right outdoor garden decor is necessary. 

Choosing Garden Decorations 

You can see and take up garden decorating the same way you would do the interior decoration. Start by ascertaining the mood or theme. Will it be casual or formal traditional or unique? What is the dominating color scheme in the garden? The decorations you select might be used to infuse your garden with a sense of beauty, mystery, history, wildness, or whimsy.

When deciding on garden decorations, let your creativity and imagination be your guide. Typical garden decoration includes flags, urns, flags, bird feeders, gnomes, and even fountains. But you can embellish and beautify your garden with anything that catches your fancy—antique garden articles, a nice looking and favorite rock, an old bicycle, a hand-made mosaic, or often an outdoor fire spot. Let your garden reflect your taste and personality.

Garden decorations are easily shifted. So you can carry them in various sites prior to finding the perfect spot. You can rearrange your wealth as you garner new ones. And you can demonstrate different decorations keeping in mind the seasons.

There are several types of garden decors! Let’s see what are the major and most popular types of garden décor?

Natural Decors

For those owning gardens and close to nature, natural decor can be ideal and offer beauty to the garden. These decor artifacts could consist of, puppies, ceramic rabbits, kitten, or any other pet animal. These decor articles are easily accessible and offer a bit of fascination to an area where a plant cannot be grown or that there is a transition in plants.

Fantasy Decors

For those who enjoy the imaginative aspect of gardens, there are replete of decors that are available to satisfy your fantasy taste buds. There are myriads of fairy and other fiction creatures that can be placed in garden decor. These creatures often are crafted, painted and sometimes have artificial jewels in them. It enables to add to their charm and helps to catapult the fantasy feeling to the garden.

Celestial Theme

The celestial theme is gaining popularity with gardeners as a decor quotient. This style of decor often characterizes a round mirrored ball to check the stars and the sun. There are also many stars and planets that can be brought between the plants in the garden to generate a celestial feel to the garden.

Memory Gardens 

Memory gardens are also getting popularity these days. These gardens usually have outdoor garden decorative pieces that are reflective and religious. These decors usually are in the form of stone paths engraved prayers, words, and phases in them. This style of outdoor garden decor is great for those who are missing someone very near to them that enjoyed gardening or the fruits of the garden.

Container Gardening

Garden decoration can be as simple and ordinary as a well-placed pot. Depending on your garden, pots might be rustic tubs, classic urns, clean-lined latest pots, or wicker baskets. Your garden may call for an eclectic fusion of all types of decorating crafts. An attractive pot garden should not only be based on having the right pot, but also on choosing the proper plants to place in it and the right location to display it. Containers can be moved around whenever needed in the garden that lacks interest at the moment.

Drawing Attention

Strong garden accents like urns, statues, and obelisks can be facilitated to grab the eyeballs along a path, virtually lengthening the area. This is a great technique for showcasing small gardens seem larger and for generating an interesting view where there’s not one.

The garden can be the right place to showcase playful works of art. Sculptures made of wood, stone, metal and other natural elements look at home in the garden. Some people even change trash or other waste objects into folksy and interestingly tasteful garden art.

Decorating for Outdoor Living

You can also utilize garden decorations to make garden space for outdoor get together and relaxing. Create living walls with flower borders, hedges, or potted plants. The surface could be either a patio or lawn made of stone or brick. If the area lacks shelter or shade, put up a gazebo or patio umbrellas. Furnish the area with comfortable tables and seating options. Several types of furniture in wicker, wood, metal, and plastic are the perfect fit for outdoor decorating. Use wrought-iron lanterns or solar powered articles as a source of light after the sun goes down.


There are replete of other outdoor garden decors like cows, dogs and bees. No matter what one wishes to see in the garden, there is a decor piece and decorative style enabling them achieving that goal.

Garden decorations can increase the beauty of the plants planted in your garden. The accents you select give your garden its taste, style and entity. Garden decorations can draw visitors to your garden, to get attention to specific aspects of the garden, or to ignite uninteresting areas.

So, you see there is plethora of options when it comes to decorating your garden.