Full Legs Laser Hair Removal and Other Methods

Full Legs Hair Removal Information

In many parts of the world (especially Asia, Australia and the West), women’s leg hair is considered unfeminine and unattractive. If you are not lazy, care about your appearance, want to conform to the norm, and are not against hair removal, then full legs hair removal would definitely be part of your grooming routine. For many, removal of leg hair starts when they are teenagers.

There are several products and methods for full legs hair removal in the market today.

Full Legs Hair Removal Products


Razors are the most basic tools to get rid of unwanted hair. Every woman would have at least one razor in her closet for this purpose. Most women shave their legs in the shower using a gel or soap. Today electric razors are very popular for full legs hair removal. They would have to be used every two-three days, depending on the hair growth of a person.

Depilatory Creams

For painless hair removal, depilatory creams are a good option. They can be used at home. They can give clean legs for a week or two. Only problem is that some might be allergic to them.

Hot Wax

Hot wax can be used at home or at salons to get rid of hair. It is one of the most popular methods used by women for full legs hair removal. A large area can be cleared at a time and the results last for 3-4 weeks.

Full Legs Hair Removal Epilation Devices

Epilators or epilation devices are small devices with rotating discs to pull out hair right from its roots. They can be little painful but the results are effective for few weeks. Some devices come with in-built cooling or massaging mechanism to reduce pain.

Laser Treatment For Full Legs Hair Removal

Laser can be used only at authorized clinics or salons, using FDA approved devices by certified professionals. The pulsed laser light is passed to the follicles of the hair under the skin and this slowly (over a few sessions) disables the follicles from producing new hair. The results are long lasting and regular (yearly) maintenance is required. It can be little painful (less than waxing) and might require a number of sessions. Also, the cost is a little high.

Full Legs Hair Removal Electrolysis

The results of electrolysis are more guaranteed than those of the laser. In electrolysis, each hair is targeted by injecting a needle of electric current (low level) to kill the follicle. Therefore, it can cause a little discomfort and take a long time.

Not just women, but also some men need full legs hair removal. Models, cyclists, body-builders and swimmers are groups of men who opt to get rid of hair on their legs. The methods of hair removal are common for both men and women.