Best Methods for Full Face Hair Removal

Full Face hair removal can be achieved in various ways as given below:

  1. If you have relatively less hair on your face then you can pluck the hair off using tweezers. However, plucking hairs off using tweezers is painful and time consuming. However, this is least expensive method and results last for 10-12 days.
  2. One can also use depilatories which are chemical based hair removal cream. Depilatories are available at any chemical shop and can remove hair in 5 to 10 minutes time. One needs to apply the depilatories as per the instruction given by the manufacturer. Make sure to apply depilatories first over a small patch of skin to check for any reaction or allergy before applying it over a larger patch.
  3. Threading is another popular method for full face hair removal where you pluck hair using a thread. The result can last for four to six weeks.  It’s a safe process but expensive and you need to go a salon to get it done.
  4. Laser treatment is the most expensive process to get full hair Face hair removal but it is the safest and best method. One needs to attend 4-6 sessions to get long lasting results. Each session takes around 15-20 minutes and should be performed only by specialists.
  5. Waxing is another method which can be used removal but it is not so popular for full face hair since face skin is highly sensitive and waxing may leave rashes behind. Similarly, for females shaving is also not a recommended method since it will lead to darkening of skin and thicker and darker hair regrowth. For males, however, shaving may be one of the best options available.

Choosing a method for Full Face hair removal is a personal choice.