Methods & Safest Process Involved in Full Eyebrow Hair Removal

Full brow hair removal is an old cult fashion and has seen a revival in recent years as an alternative fashion culture. Full brow hair removal can be achieved in various ways as given below:

  1. One can shave brow hair completely using a standard or electronic razor but you need to do it quite often since hair will start reappearing after two to three days.

  2. If you have relatively very less brow hair then you can pluck your hair using tweezers. However, this is painful and time consuming.

  3. Depilatories are chemical based hair removal cream designed to remove hair. Depilatories are available at any chemical shop and can remove hair in 5 to 10 minutes time. However, these are not designed specifically for brow hair removal and hence may harm your skin if left applied for a longer duration.

  4. Waxing is another alternative which can be used to for full hair brow removal.  Waxing should be performed only on thick eye brows since waxing needs quarter inch of hair to grab it completely. Waxing is little painful and takes around 30 minutes of time. Make sure that waxing solution does not contain any strong chemical since the skin around eyes is hyper sensitive.

  5. Threading is another method where you pluck hair with thread. The result can last four to six weeks.  It’s a safe process but expensive and you need to go a salon to get it done.

  6. Laser treatment is the most expensive process to get full hair brow hair removal but it is the safest and best method.

Choosing a method for full brow hair removal is a personal choice. It is to be noted that brow hair protects the eyes from dust and sweat from going in.