French Landscape Garden

History of French Landscape Garden

The garden is inspired by magnificent Italian landscapes which replicate the romantic paintings of Hubert Robert, Claude Lorrain and Nicolas Poussin. In the early 18th century, the French drew inspiration from the English; gradually it was replaced by the formal, symmetrical Garden.

Design of French Landscape Garden

Key elements-Intimate patios, arches, green vines, pathways bordered with colorful plants, ranging from many textures. Terraces without being too loud, simple, natural materials complemented with garden accessories.

  • French Landscapes must have Cobblestone walkways and patios. An element of mystic is added when viewed under moonlight
  • For a sophisticated look, Flagstone pavers are a good option
  • French Landscape Garden
  • Weathered brick flooring completes the look for a romantic atmosphere
  • Gravel in different shades, inexpensive yet classy, French Landscapes are incomplete without it

French landscape incorporates smooth soft curves that maneuver edges to create an informal style. Sprawling Lawns authentic country landscape design, with a sub-plot patch of lawn for kids and animals.

Architecture of French Landscape Garden

Landscape architecture involves design of outdoor and public spaces.

French landscape gardens blend ancient skill of garden designers to compose landform with water, vegetation, structures. The same craft is applied to man-made landscape. Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe described Landscape architecture as a set fair to become the mother of the arts.

French landscape gardens retain the natural essence with herbs and vegetables twined among the overflowing beds of colorful flowers .The gardens boast of a Mediterranean flavor. Typical French gardens have intoxication dash of fragrance of lavender, Mediterranean foliage, fountains, for a romantic candlelight dinner.