Free Numerology Compatibility

Numerology is a study of numbers which is used to find the nature and personality of a person. The name and date of birth of the person is enough to find the numerology chart of the person. There are many free numerology software which will generate the charts which are more or less accurate. Now numerology is diversified into many fields. One can find out anything related to their personal life and other people’s life too. Numerology as expertised the art of finding out many aspects of a person’s life. 

Numerology Compatibility

Numerology also gives the compatibility ratio of you and your partner. In a broader sense, most of the Hindu marriages are arranged depending on the compatibility of the numbers. There is an aspect called Kundali which is written for everyone when they are born. The numerology chart has many aspects which are described in this which will later determine the characteristics of the person. 

There are other types of compatibility also which one can check out in numerology. For instance one can find out their love compatibility, friendship compatibility, relation compatibility etc. All these compatibilities can be check with no cost on the internet. 

Free Numerology Compatibility

Many internet sites which have dedicated services to numerology are ready to provide different compatibility ratios. One of the most searched compatibility is that of love compatibility. As love affair is the most important relation which people look out for, there is lot of demand for this software. Free numerology compatibility is available in abundance on the internet. Let us have a look at different compatibilities which one can go for. 

  • Love compatibility is to check out how much love is available between you and your lover. This necessarily doesn’t mean that you are in a relationship with the person. It will also determine if both of you are good together or not. The calculation is done by comparing both of your names and then on the number which is derived defines your relation. 
  • Soul compatibility is another aspect by which one can understand his/her soul mate. Again the calculation is done on the basis of name and date of birth of both the persons. This show how deep both of you are connected with each other. 
  • Another important type of compatibility is done by individual numerology analysis. This is known as Numerology compatibility. In this particular compatibility test one can understand and check for various aspects like personality, heart’s desire, life path etc. This will give a comprehensive understanding of how good both of you will be with each other.
  • Though many claim that numbers do not lie, reality is completely different. There is no consideration of exception in numerology which is exactly what life has in store for us. Completely depending on numerology and taking decisions would not make things better for you. Numerology is only a source which will help you understand your strong points and weaknesses. Therefore it is important that you understand the true essence of numerology and only consider it as a medium of advice rather than depending on it completely. 

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