Freckles are small spots found on human skin who have very fair skin. They are flat, small and circular in appearance. Freckles develop randomly on the skin and appear most of the time when there is direct sun exposure. The colour variation of the freckles is common they may appear to be red, yellow, tan, light brown or even black at times. They are usually seen in summer season and especially occur to the people who have light coloured skin. Both men and women get freckles at the same rate and they both suffer the same symptoms.

Freckles are divided onto two major types and they are Ephelides and Lengtigines. The first is the most common one and they appear in summer; they attack people who have fair complexion or who have very light colour skin. Ephelides do fade away as the time gone and they are flat and red colour in appearance. While on the other hand Lengtigines are circular in appearance and brown or black in colour. Also they do not dissuade in winter rather they tend to get darker and darker with the passage of time.

Freckles are mostly found to appear on face though they attack other parts of the body too which is exposed in the direct sun. They hardly seem to appear on infants and adults; the common age that seems to be affected by freckles in 5 to 15 years.

Freckles Cause 

Freckles have very common reasons to appear and they are not very harmful. They appear in the direct exposure of the sun and as the body gets away with the heat of the sunlight the freckles begin to fade. Either they get reduced to their minimum size or get eliminated easily. Other major causes of freckles appearance are:

  • The basic and main reason for its appearance is due to the special cells of the skin that produces pigment that is melanin. If the melanin get contracted or accumulated at one place then freckles seems to appear and may also result in age spots.
  • Through genetic factors also Freckles at times do get influenced.
  • The people who are fair in skin have less melanin to absorb the UV rays of the sun. Therefore it causes freckles to occur.

Freckles are very common found among the age group of 5 to 15 years and the causes are simple too. If they are identified on time they are easily treated. Some common symptoms to identify Freckles are that there may be a change in colour of the skin where freckles has occurred, diarrhea accompanies itself with freckles, there may be abdominal pain or excess weight loss, occurrence of skin cancer may also be a symptoms of freckle appearance. Moles will appear on the area of the skin where freckles have been caused due to the exposure of sun rays. There may some tinge of blood or mucus in the stool and loo.

These are few symptoms of freckles which are seen before their occurrence or they come along with them. They are easily identified and thus freckles can be taken care on time with some basic treatment. Such as laser treatment or tretinoin which is new form of facial rejuvenation. Also chemicals peels can be used to remove age spots and freckles and they also help in making skin smooth and soft in appearance. Last but not the least bleaching cream can also be used to lighten the effect of freckles.

There are many people who have freckles and there are many way through which freckles can be removed. Therefore freckles are no more a reason to worry there is a definite and a perfect solution for it.