Food is something that is relished by most people. We can categorize food according to different regions and cultures around the world. The way food is cooked and presented depends on the region and origin. Food is the main source of energy for humans and animals; therefore it should be rich in minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. As much as food is important for humans, it is equally important for animals as well.

Now, with the new changed lifestyle, a person’s food consumption has gone down. The quality of food that a person takes is quite poor. People have started indulging in a lot of junk and unhealthy food, therefore obesity and other disorders have become a major concern. Healthy food consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat and pulses. With the fast growing mechanical lifestyle, every individual has to keep a check on his eating habits. It is not difficult to incorporate healthy food in your diet. You can daily have a bowl of salad and fresh fruit juice that can help you stay fit.

Eating healthy food is important as this would keep your body and mind healthy and fit. Trying different types of food can be interesting as one gets to taste the special cuisine of that place. Every food has its own advantages and disadvantages. Not all foods are healthy, though they may be tasty. Here is where you need to keep a check on what type of food you pick.