Food Poisoning Home Remedies

Food Poisoning Home Remedies

About Food Poisoning

  • Sometimes we are so hungry that we eat just anything from fridge without even heating it. We do not care how it smells whether it is ok or spoilt. After couple of hours we start feeling sick.
  • Food poisoning can occur after some hours of having contaminated food. It can be mild to life threatening. Food poisoning is not that somebody has mixed poison in your food rather you have eaten food from fridge in which bacteria has grown. Actually these bacteria are making you sick. Food that contains toxin material or bad bacteria can cause food poisoning. Generally, it is mild and causes vomiting, diarrhea, or stomach ache.
  • Bacteria are all around us but bacteria in rotten food are not good for health. People get ill from animal, raw foods, dirty or unwashed vegetables. The best remedy of food poisoning is to prepare and store food in a proper hygienic way. If it is a mild food poisoning then you may not feel uneasy for long time you will feel better soon. It is little tricky to find out whether you have food poisoning or any other problem. One thing that you can do is that you can see whether other people who had same food are feeling same as you or not. If it is the same then you all have food poisoning.

Natural Remedies for Food Poisoning

You can try few things to get rid of food poisoning

  • Take one tsp of poppy seeds, a tsp of edible gum, half tsp of nutmeg, a tsp of cardamom, and 2 tsp of sugar, grin it and have it after every two hours.
  • As you have vomiting have warm water it will give you relief.
  • You can have herbal tea by using tea of raspberry, mint, chamomile, and blackberry.
  • Grate papaya and mix with 1 or 2 glasses of water. Boil it for 15 to 20 minutes. Drain it and have it two to three times a day.

Dos of Food Poisoning

You can try these things to avoid food poisoning

  • Always have fresh food. If you are going to eat anything kept in the fridge then check it first whether it is in condition to be eaten or not.
  • Always cook chicken, mutton, or fish at the temperature in which the germs get killed. Even these things should be kept at the proper temperature in the fridge.
  • Keep your house specially clean and its utensils clean and dry.
  • Always wash your hands before coking food.
  • Keep your fridge clean. Clean it at least once in a week.
  • Always check the manufacturing date before buying any eatable. Check the seal of the can.

Don’ts of Food Poisoning

You should not do few things to avoid food poisoning

  • Do not eat rotten fruits and vegetables. Always wash fruits and vegetables before eating or cooking. Water will wash off all the dirt and problem creating substances.