Flower Garden

History of Flower Garden

Plants which look attractive slowly evolved from weeds, appeal the farmers not to weed out these plants. You need not have a green thumb to enjoy nature. The tranquil sights of a Flower Garden will soothe you.

Gardening ideas originated in the West, a patch of land dedicated to flowers alone did not become common until the 19th century. Flower gardens have emerged as a key factor in modern landscape design. Architects have made large business establishments come alive with new a touch of Flower beds dotting the sidewalks.

Design of Flower Garden

Turn your backyard into talk of the town with gardening combinations and accurate landscaping.

Cottage Romance

Flower Garden

The quintessential country-cottage decor for your backyard is originated from the English.

Design Tips for Fall- Add versatility by having a combination of in-ground and container gardening.

Shade Success- Tending beds in full to partial shade, these five aspects must be born in mind. Generous compost, ample water, access the flow of light streaking in and place plants accordingly, Lighten up the interior decor. Select light-color rocks for paths and walls. Darker objects are not very visible in the low light of a shade garden.

Elements Of Style- Flower garden design or landscaping, right garden accessories and plants can give a different look with creativity and out of the box ideas.

Architecture of Flower Garden

Landscaping has undergone a change, patterns of colorful plants to attract birds and butterflies are featured. Incorporating native plants and recycling water resources outdoor living spaces are customized to patter themselves on the principles of Conservation Garden Design. 
There are techniques to conserve natural resources like healthy topsoil and clean water.  The garden should reflect the mechanism of an ecosystem. Rainwater should be reabsorbed directly by the soil, and plant, insect and animal. This way the webs of the ecosystem are reconnected.