Flawless Makeup

Flawless Makeup

Even if you don’t have a professional makeup artist by your side, a fresh and flawless makeup is not that hard to flaunt. A flawless makeup is a work of an art. It not only radiates class and sophistication but also enhances the confidence of the wearer. Makeup also conceals the imperfections and blemishes in one’s face and enhances the features that are already beautiful. The only important task is to choose the correct brands, shades and apply them with correct techniques.


Foundation forms the base of a flawless makeup. But when you are testing the colour, never do it at the back of your palm. The back of the hand is always a few shades darker than the face. The colour of the foundation that is perfect for your skin will not make you fair, or conceal your blemishes. It will just disappear into the skin. If you have to hide your blemishes, use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. In a small make up brush, take the concealer and apply it in a blotting motion on the blemish so that it conceals all the three dimensions of it.


Highlighting the cheekbones is a great idea while emphasizing the features of your face. But just take care that they don’t make your face look too wide. For make your cheekbones look lifted, there are some really cool makeup tips, like, using a neutral shimmer on the brow line. This obviously makes the face look slimmer. Avoid using strong colours on your cheekbones. 


Think something different from the black and brown eyeliner. You can also use your darker eye shadow as an eye-liner. This really creates a very dramatic effect. Use a lighter shade for the inner corners of the eyes. You can use two or three tones of shadow and blend them carefully from eye lid to brow as only one shadow looks monotonous and unflattering. If you are using colours as bold as purple, use some copper brown to soften the contrast; otherwise, you may end up looking very harsh 


Most women are in a way or the other unsatisfied with their nose. Don’t worry. To make your nose as beautiful as you want, some makeup tips are there in handy. Always avoid applying highlighter on the center of the bridge of the nose. This will create a contrast between the two shades and your nose will appear smaller. 


Exfoliate your lips regularly to keep them a natural lush red and luscious. The only thing you will need then is a clear lip gloss. When you are going to apply lipstick, always line the lips with a liner. This improves the richness of the colour of the lipstick and increases the longevity of the color. Make your lips look plump by applying a dot of high sheen gloss just on the middle of the lips. 

Finishing Touches

Remember that you should never apply blush directly on the cheeks. You have to brush it gently the cheek bones, upper forehead, the narrow of the nose and on your chin as well to make your face looking like one with a natural blush. Set the look with a loose powder. Finish your flawless makeup with the application of mascara. Stick with brown or black mascara if you want to keep the natural look of your eyes intact. If you are going out at night, one with a bit of shine and shimmer is not a bad idea. Use the mascara heavily on the outer third of lashes and on the bottom lash line to make your eyes look more flirty.And here you are - ready to rock the world with your perfectly flawless makeup!