Fitness Equipment

Fitness and exercise are an essential part of our life. Fitness equipments help us stay healthy and fit. They are commonly used in all fitness training centers. Some of the most frequently encountered fitness equipments are listed below.

Treadmills: A treadmill is one of the most basic among fitness equipments found in every gym. It is used for running, jogging and walking indoors. The machine is simple conveyor belt based equipment used for cardio-vascular training. They are available as manual and electric treadmills.

Exercise Bikes: Also called as ergometers these bikes resemble a fixed bicycle. It offers various levels of resistance settings that helps to exercise based on ones fitness goals. Its main advantage is that it is safer than any other fitness equipment and can be used by people of all age groups.

Elliptical Trainers: Another instrument that is as popular as a treadmill is the elliptical trainer. It helps reduce flab and tones the body. It induces weight loss and is designed to provide sufficient exercise to all parts of the body.

Weights: As indispensible equipments of a gym, weights are available as dumb bells, barbells and sand bells. They are widely used to lose weight and build muscle. Training with weights is for those into intensive body building and body transformation whose main aim is to gain a muscular body.

Rowing Machines: There are many machines in the aerobic exercise category, rowing machines being one among them. These increase lung capacity and help tone the muscles of the arms and the legs. They are available in various resistance categories to cater to the variety of fitness enthusiasts.

Swiss Balls: Also called as stability balls, they are commonly used by aerobic trainers for stretching exercises. These balls are made of rubber and inflated with airs are used in warm-up exercises. However, they are different from medicine balls both in make and use. Medicine balls are used in resistance training and are made of hard rubber. On the other hand, stability balls are used for toning exercises such as pushups, bridges and crunches to build core strength.

A final piece of advice is: learn to use any fitness equipment under a proper trainer and then attempt independent training. Also, bear in mind that no single fitness equipment offers a full work out. Go for a combination of equipments for best results.