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Top 10 Secrets About Feng Shui Door Placement

A professional Feng Shui consultant would be able to explain you about 75% of what's happening in your life by evaluatin...

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Feng Shui Mirror Facing Door Realities

Mirrors have a specific form of energy which can either be extremely good or extremely bad. All the mirrors should be re...

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Feng Shui Mirror Facing Bedroom Door

A lot has been said and written about the mirror in the bedroom. The major question is – is it bad for Feng Shui i...

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Should You Believe in Feng Shui Numbers

If you believe in Feng Shui number, you will certainly stop and think about the house number when buying a new house. Th...

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What is Right Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Right Feng Shui mirror placement is considered to be potent enough to create several feelings and principles based on yo...

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Use of the Lucky Bamboo for Feng Shui

Feng Shui Lucky bamboo is getting more and more popular and more easily available in the recent few years. These are now...

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Different Feng Shui Symbols and Its Significance

Feng Shui is a winning combination of science, art, and intuition, facilitated to enhance every aspect of life. Feng Sh...

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Best Feng Shui House Numbers

Numbers play a prominent role in most of cultures, one that is often a subconscious reaction is the number 13. In sever...

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What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that was developed about 3,000 years ago. It teaches the way to balance energies in any given space. Feng Shui is a complex subject that focuses on balancing energies.

The word Feng Shui is divided into two- Feng means wind and Shui means water. Wind and water are two very important elements and are associated to good fortune and health. Feng Shui is a vast subject and is based on understanding of nature which states that the land is chi or energy with which it is surrounded.

 Feng Shui has five basic elements and it is based on the theories of yin and yang.  There are certain principles to following Feng Shui that can help you keep your home, office, garden or any place for that matter positive and happy. There are many Feng Shui objects that people keep at their homes and different places to get the best out of it. A few commonly kept objects are –

Wind Chimes- This is a yin product and when they chime, they produce a rhythmic sound in the environment.

Bamboo flute- In Feng Shui, bamboo is a symbol of endurance, strength and power. It is believed that if two flutes are crossed behind you, it can protect you from poison arrows.

Candles- The soft light from the candles spread a soft harmonious balance of yang/light and yin/shadow.

Dragon- The Feng Shui dragon is a symbol of growth.

Tortoise- The tortoise is known as a wise animal. It is to be kept in the north and it keeps the human body and spirit alive.

There are many more Feng Shui objects that can make a difference to your lifestyle.  It’s all about knowing about them and following it the right way.

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Feng Shui Dragon symbols, their strength and purpose are enchanting and at the same time it is real. Some may call it a myth. Some call it a......

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Feng Shui Bathroom Design Ideas

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Feng Shui Buddha for Wealth

The Fat Buddha is believed to be a historical figure, a Chinese Zen Buddhist monk named Qieci who lived almost 1,000 yea...

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Feng Shui Astrology

What is Feng Shui Astrology People who are aware of Feng Shui Astrology know that the Five Elements play an important ...

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