Best Feng Shui Bedroom Layouts

To obtain accord in your bedroom, which will result in positive effects in other areas of your life, following is the list of guidelines to consider Feng Shui in your bedroom. 

Tips to Feng Shui Your Bed Room

It is best to make your bedroom furthest away from the front door. This gives you the feeling of protection, security and stability. It says that the worst possible place is to make your bedroom close to or facing the front door, however being virtual, sometimes you don't have much choice, so follow the other tips listed here and make the best use of the space you have.

Opt for Neutral Shades for Soothing Energy

To make a cozy and inviting atmosphere paint your bedroom with neutral shades like terracotta, peach or cream, colors like gentle blue, green or lavender will create a sense of tranquility and invite soothing energy inside. If you are looking to ginger up your love life rely on pinks and reds, which will enhance the love in your life, although restrict the use of such colors to light accents; bright color like red, or yellow or orange, etc are often linked with Yang which can be extremely triggering for the bedroom.

Place Bed at a Distance from Door

Place your bed at a distance from the door and get away from the direct alignment of the door. Avoid placing it under a window which is devoid of symbolic support of a solid wall and can lead to spasmodic sleep as energy goes and comes through the window. Spend money in a wooden headboard which can offer support and strength to your head. 

Keep Feet Away From Door

Whatever you do, ensure your feet are away from door while in bed. In ancient Chinese culture, this is termed the "Death Position" as the dead peoples are carried out feet first. Practitioners say sleeping this way can drift away your life energy. Use some kind of furniture between your feet and the door if you cannot avoid the position. Eventually, leave enough space around the bed for energy to move freely, and for each partner to get up comfortably. Always opt for curves not sharp edges. Sharp corners on bedroom furniture work as 'poison arrows' forcing positive energy away from you and generating a conflicting and uneasy environment. Use a cloth to drape the sharp edges of the bed. 

Discard Clutter from Bed Room

Clutter in your bedroom eliminates the free flow of Chi. That doesn’t mean you should dump the clutter under your bed that way the positive energy of life is going to get clogged. Have a look at the objects that you have in your room, discard any work related articles or things which will remind you of sad memories from the past.

Place Plant in the Corner

Place a plant in one corner of your room to inhibit energy blockage there and increase the Zen by restricting what's on your night stand to a lamp, a few inspirational books, your favorite picture and a plant or fresh flowers.

Remove Unnecessary Items

Discard items like TVs, exercise tools and computers, they consume lot of energy and can distract you from rest and romance. To add to this although having a few books lying on your nightstand can boost your Zen, having shelves piled up with books all screaming out to be read and thus will be distracting you from rest. If you have these items in your room then it is ideal to hide them while sleeping or place your television in a closed cupboard so that it can be shut down and cannot be visible.

Decorate with Photos and Accessories

If you want to get a partner then you need to decorate your room by placing side tables and lamps on both sides of the bed. Decorate using accessories in pairs and ensure that everything is harmonious. For those in a relationship, thinking bed your love place, put on the bedside tables like a photograph (avoid putting family picture it should be you and your partner), a pair of décor piece and a rounded leafed plant – don’t forget to add a few red and pink accent in and across the bed to boost romance.

Place Articles Manifesting Your Interest in Life

A common technique to Feng Shui your bed room is to place pictures, artifices or items around the room that characterize what you would like to see in your life i.e. inner peace, success or career. A mindfully selected piece of art can have an immense impact on your own personal accomplishments.

Remove Mirror from Bedroom

Do not to fix a mirror opposite, next to, or over the bed. This will bounce too much energy in the room to allow for good rest, and will catapult problems and worries and it is believed that mirrors in the bedroom can invite a third party to disturb your relationship. The only cure to such a trauma is to hang decorative piece or curtains in front of the offensive mirror. You should cover them up when you go to bed for the night or if possible place the mirror away from the bed.

Perfect Lighting Arrangement is Necessary

Lighting arrangement is an important aspect to Feng Shui your bed room, encourage natural light sneak into your room by using blinds that can easily open in the morning stimulating the light and shut at night blocking out the dark. Balance the incoming of light from a ceiling light with many low lying lamps which will throw a gentle glow across your room; soothing the energy of the space down at night.

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