Feng Shui Year of The Pig

Feng Shui Year of The Pig

According to the Chinese belief, each year is associated to one of the twelve animals and the years progress in the cycle of twelve. And hence the same animal repeats after every twelve years, but the animals repeating itself may not be assigned with the same element and each time it has got the five different elements ( water, fire, earth, wood, and metal) corresponding to it. So in a sixty year cycle you can get the same animal five times but it is never once the same as the element associated with it changes. Similarly, the Feng Shui practice also assigns yin and yan to the 12 animals where six of the animals are assigned the yan energy and the other six yin.

Year Of The Pig (2007)

The Year 2007 was considered to be the Feng Shui Year of the Pig and to be more precise, it was the year of the fiery pig. The Year of fiery Pig last came sixty year before it that is in the year 1947 and 1887 before it. According to the Chinese tradition fiery pig is not very calm and balanced as it has the base as water and the symbol as fire, both of which are in conflict with each other all the time.

The 2007 pig year started on 18th February 2007 and continued up to 6th of February 2008, the start of the year comes on February as per the Chinese calendar which considers the starting of an year as the day of the second new moon day after the winter equinox.

What Does A Pig Symbolize In Feng Shui

Pig or the 'Zhu' in Chinese is a symbol of honesty, and is a fun and enlightening personality. The pig according to Feng Shui is very much blessed with patience and acceptance and they take all the happiness that their life has to offer with much appreciation.

People Born In Pig Year

People born in the Pig year share some common characters like maintaining peace amongst each other, carrying their own burden, being faithful, good natured, fun loving and hardworking. They are also devoted to their parents and are themselves a very good parent, taking good care of their children. Pigs are usually kind soul who can go any further so as to keep up with peace and harmony and they easily forgive and forget. They are also optimistic sort of people and do have a tendency to stay away from anxiety and conflicts.

Pigs which are connected to fertility and compassion are good parents and giving birth to children during the pig year is extremely lucky as you can get a very honest, trustworthy and compassionate child who is happy and makes other happy at the same time. The people born during the pig year also give value for everything to what life offers them and are never the ones to complaint unnecessarily.

What can You Expect Out Of A Pig Year?

Pig years are fun and a year for self extravagance and it is also a time for enjoyment and ease. The year of pig is a time when the peace and harmony are of primary concern and above everything. But fiery pig year like in 2007 which is not a very relaxed year as the combination does not go well doesn't have the full happiness and fun as the other pig years on the other hand, it should also not be treated as a very dreadful sort of year. The correct balancing of life using Feng Shui remedies can indeed help to balance off all the negatives of the fiery pig year.

Predictions For The Fiery Pig Year 2007

Many natural disasters and political tensions were predicted by the astrologers and the Feng Shui followers for the year 2007. They also suggested that the year would be a year of conflicts and imbalance which naturally was true to its words.

Some of the calamities that occurred in the year 2007 that proved the prediction of the Fiery pig year to be true are Floods in China, Fires in Greece, Earthquake in Peru, Flood in North Korea, Mud volcano in Indonesia, and the Hurricane Felix. Floods in Mexico, Severe droughts faced by the United States, Cyclones in Bangladesh are some other happenings that strengthened these the Pig Year predictions.

Some Wrong Conceptions About Pig

Pig, according to the Feng Shui principle which is very much considered about its hygiene is usually treated to be a filthy and unclean animal by most people who don’t understand Feng Shui. Similarly, Pig is also considered to be brainless and dumb where according to the Chinese astrology, Pig people are anything but Dumb and the Chinese practice of Feng Shui considers pigs to be very clever and intelligent.

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