Feng Shui Tips To Sell Your House

Feng Shui Tips To Sell Your House

Have you been trying lately to sell your house? Have all the effort you have put on selling your home end up on a dead road? Well Feng Shui can help you to sell of this piece of property within a short time and without much effort. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of positioning objects and using the right colors and objects to obtain the required result. Feng Shui can help you to prosper in terms of health, finance and happiness. It can even bring you success in your career and your relationship. Similarly, it can even aid you to sell off your house at a good price that too without much effort being put in.

Feng Shui Tips To Sell Your House Faster

Try out these Feng Shui tips and surprise yourself by how fast your house gets sold, these tips helps to make your house more appealing to the buyers and hence get it sold faster and for higher rates. The Feng Shui also creates a positive energy about your house so as creating a good and relaxed feel about it, so the place will surely be loved by the buyers once they step inside the house, or we rather say, once they get a glance of you house.

Some Must Try Tips If You Are Planning To Sell Your House See To The Front Door

The main entrance to your house, your front door is the opening through which everything and everyone enters your house. The front door is also the space for the entry of positive energy, chi and through it comes happiness, abundance and blessing. Making your front door inviting can help you to sell the place faster, do the repairs to it if it needs some and paint it well and good so that it sayz ' welcome'.

You can use Feng Shui coloring pattern to make it even more inviting and the color you choose for the door should depend on the direction it faces. Paint it Creamy white if it faces towards north and white if it's towards northeast, east calls for green and deep green is for southeast. While you can go for red to purple shade for the door if it is facing south, black is the color for southwest, its deep maroon for west and finally metallic or grey shade go on for your door if it faces the northwest direction. And what if you don’t know the direction your front door faces, don’t worry red goes on well with all color and is a good positive energy attractor.

Give Your House A Less Personal Feel

Make your house look less personal by removing off any family portraits or pictures of your kids, pets anything that you might have displayed on the walls or in a showcase. You have to create a warm feeling in the house but Feng Shui recommends the minimal display of personal items of you are trying to sell the house, you should even try to keep away your personal belongings like toothbrush, toothpaste and comb away from your bathroom when the buyers are coming to look around your place

Make Your House Look Inviting

The house should look inviting for the buyers; you can do so by creating as much positive energy as you can. First and foremost, clean your house inside out and sparkle your kitchen and bathrooms so that they look good and fresh. You can even light a scented candle in your house or you can hang a wind chime at the entrance to get in loads of positive energy. Every nook and corner of your house should be clutter free and it should smell and feel good. Brewing a vanilla flavored coffee while the buyers visit your house can also have a positive result.

Create A Positive Chi In The Unused Rooms

Unused rooms can have a stale or stagnant energy about it, You should try to circulate the stale energy in the unused room in your house to allow the entry of positive chi by switching on the lights in the room for three hours each day. Opening the windows of such rooms can also help in the attraction of positive energy.

See to the Feng Shui Energy Triangle In The House

The kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom also referred to as the Feng Shui energy triangle of the house should be given proper care. Keep this room clean, clutter free and inviting so that you can even go as far to create a spa feel in your bathroom. The passageway to these three rooms should be kept clear and should look and feel good.

Use Feng Shui tips in such a way that the buyers will feel that this is the house for them and feel good to buy the house and live in it.

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