Feng Shui Colour Wheel

Feng Shui Colour Wheel

The Feng Shui Wheel is used by the Chinese Feng Shui practitioners around the world to find out the correct alignment of different objects and the use of different Feng Shui colors so as to get a perfect and balanced environment or flow of chi or positive energy. The use of Feng Shui wheel can help you to bring about a yin yan in your space or house and also helps you to place and arrange the different objects in such a way that you get all the positive energy flowing towards you and give you a perfectly balanced and happy life.

The Feng Shui color wheel

The Feng Shui wheel are also referred to as the Feng Shui Color Wheel as it represents the different colors associated with the five different elements and also denotes the correct direction for each color. The Feng Shui color wheel is based on the Chinese Bangua. 

Colors have an influence in our life and can help to switch the mood of our life from negative to really prosperous one if the right color is chosen for your place. The five elements of the Feng Shui science, earth, water, fire, wood, and metal are expressed by different colors in Feng Shui and the balance of these colors can bring about balance and happiness in life. Besides being related to different Feng Shui element, the colors are also related to different directions and are associated with a specific energy. 

By using the help of a Feng Shui Wheel, you can place the correct objects at specific places and even choose the best color going on with every corner of your space to receive the influx of positive energy and to be in balance with the environment.

The Elements And The Color Associated To Them

The Feng Shui wheel is associated with the five elements which in turn is related to different colors, direction and energy level


The element water in Feng Shui is associated with the colors blue, indigo and black and its best suited for the north, east and south east direction of the house or office. The water element which is associated with these colors signifies freshness, purity and serenity.


The colors associated with the element fire are Red, Pink, Orange, Bright Yellow and Purple and the direction of the fire element are northeast, south and South west. In Feng Shui Fire symbolises carrier recognition, passion and is very often associated with high energy. Hence opting for the fire colors in your office which is in the fire direction can bring out a lot of growth in your career.


The Feng Shui element earth signifies knowledge, stability, nourishment and good health. Using the earth colors like beige, sandy and light yellow in the southwest, east, north east and centre of the house denotes the radiation of these earth characters like stability in the life.


The element wood in Feng Shui is associated with the colors green and brown and the direction associated with the element are south, south east and east. The element wood is associated with health, abundance, wealth and prosperity. Using the wood colors in the south, east and the south east direction can bring in the positive powers associated with the element wood.


The fifth element in Feng Shui is metal and using the colors associated with metal which are white, grey, silver and gold in the north, North West and the west of your house can bring about good decision making, creativity, efficiency and a relaxed mind.

Feng Shui recommends the use of different colors in different rooms and the positioning of the different rooms in different directions in the house. Balance between the different colors and used in different directions according to the Feng Shui Wheel can help to bring in the correct balance of success, happiness and prosperity in your house and life. So just visit a Feng Shui expert while deciding to built a house and he can help you with the positioning of different rooms and even help you to choose the colors for different rooms in your house or office and see how it influence your life. 

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