Feng Shui Water Fountain For Your Front Door

Feng Shui Water Fountain For Your Front Door

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of obtaining a balance with the environment and getting access to positive energy by arranging the things in the right way and by using different shapes and geographic position for it. Feng Shui which means wind and water has been practiced in the ancient world to bring about peace and happiness, and today it has influenced a number of lives around the globe.

There are a number of items which according to Feng Shui are considered lucky and the positioning of which at the correct place can bring in positive energy that carries with it luck, prosperity and wealth. The water fountain, laughing Buddha and wind chimes are some such objects that bring luck with it.

Water Fountain

Water fountain is considered as lucky charm under Feng Shui and when erected in the right position is considered to bring in health, prosperity and good luck. And placing the fountain right in front of the house is believed to bring in the positive energy and allows it to freely enter the house bringing with it all the luck and health.

Water gathers the positive energy or Chi near it and the wind helps to disperse this positive energy, the correct positioning of the fountain in the front of the house and the choosing or the right type of fountain can help you to obtain the expected positive results. A Bangua map could be used to locate the correct location of the fountain and the fountain placed inside and outside the house can bring about abundance, wealth and good luck.

"A fountain has the elements of water. So that element, when placed in a certain position, typically in the front part of your home, represents prosperity and increased flow in your life. It brings positive energy to you. One of them is out of rose quartz crystal, which is a pink stone. It has love properties in it. It's associated with relationships, love and a certain area of your home," , Anne Manfield, Founder and President of the International Feng Shui Guild.

Placing a Water Fountain in Front of the House

Placing a water fountain right in front of the house is always a good choice if you want to obtain the positive energy, prosperity and good luck from it. But you should see to it that the fountain flows equally to all the sides and if it is a gradating fountain which flows more towards one direction, make sure that the water flow is such that it flows towards the house not the other way round. Water flow directional towards the house symbolizes the increase in wealth and prosperity in the house and the flow of water away from it may result in the loss of money and may lead to some major financial problems. The flowing water fountain which restore the stagnant chi towards the house is best when placed directly in front of your home that means in front of the main enterance.

The Material of the Water Fountain

The water fountain may come in a variety of materials like the bamboo, metals and ceramic and these represents wood, metal and earth which are the elements of Feng Shui. And as earth dampens water according to the destructive cycle, it is not advisable to use earth or ceramic fountain in front of your house, but if you still would want to go forward with your choice of cement or ceramic fountain you can balance it by placing a few metal coins in it. Anyhow metal is the best choice while going for a Feng shui water fountain and copper is always the most beneficial one as metal when used along with water increases the positive energy.

The Shape of Fountain

The fountains may be available in different shapes and sizes but the shape and size should be chose according to the place you are opting for the fountain. If the fountains are placed in front of the house it is good to opt for a bigger fountain that can be used as a centre piece of the garden and while going for an indoor fountain you can even choose a small table top. Mostly round shaped fountains are preferred over other shapes according to the Feng Shui though a variety of shapes are available and you can go for any shape; but remember best results come with round fountain

Feng Shui has been used by a number of individual to improve the quality of life, be it professional or personal life, but the thing you should remember in Feng Shui is to use the right thing of the right size and shape and that too at the correct position or else it might back fire. Go for a Feng Shui water fountain and place it in your garden directly in front of the entrance or in the best position based on the Bangua map and see your life improving after it.

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