Feng Shui Rules

The term Feng Shui means wind and water and it is an ancient Chinese system that rules the spacial arrangement, orientation and the scheme of designing buildings according to flow of energy which is in favor and harmony with the environment and following the yin yan pattern. According to it there are a number of basic rules to follow to get the correct balance in your house or office and to acquire in the positive energy and to block off the aggregation of negative or unlucky ones.

Feng Shui Basic Rules

Feng Shui, the Chinese system of creating a harmony around you is not just followed in China and the Asian countries. Today, almost every other people have become aware of the practice and are rearranging their lives, furniture and house so as to get along with much positive energy and block off any unlucky or negative influence. There are a number of basic rules in Feng Shui to create a balanced environment and most of the time achieving this can be done through very simple steps like rearranging the furniture or avoiding cluttering of objects in your apartment or house.

Some of the very basic rules in relation to Feng Shui are

1. Avoid Cluttering of Objects

The very first thing you should see to is to 'never pile up anything that you don’t need or won't need'. Removing this unwanted or useless stuff which we consider in the 'might need' catogery removes off a lot of negative energy from the room.

Coming into a clean and freshly made up room always induces a positive energy and helps us to get going with our plans. and a messy and cluttered up room always makes us feel fed up and lacks the spirit of going forward, rather it slows down or stops whatever we were planning to do or start in the room. So Feng Shui says keep everything around you clean and well positioned and do avoid any thing that is not useful.

2. The Path of Energy

Positive energy in your place means success and prosperity. In order to get positive energy into the place the path of energy should be smooth and never be blocked. The positive energy gets into the house through open windows and doors and the sense of flowing energy should be created by opening up the curtains and blinds and removing the very thick or dark colored curtains. Create a clear path for energy or 'chi' to flow into your house and avoid bulky objects or furniture in the path so as to avoid the blocking of the energy path.

3. Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are the path through which energy accesses your home so keep them open and without blinds. Always remember to keep the windows and the doors open; the entrance for energy clean. Energy coming into your house should be received in, so avoid placing mirrors directly opposite to your main entrance as it may reflect off the good energy coming in. Also make sure that the energy cannot flow through your home and leave off immediately, this happens when the windows or doors are placed exactly oposite to each other. Also make sure you have a plenty of windows to get in natural sunlight and to capture the energy from outside.

4. Lucky Symbols

There are many birthday symbols and good luck charms that can be placed in your place and these can bring about prosperity, good luck and wealth if positioned at the right place. For example the laughing Buddha which is considered as a good luck charm by the Feng Shui belief can bring about luck if placed directly opposite to the main door or in a corner diagonally opposite to it. Similarly, each individual also has a birthday symbol or a lucky symbol depending on their date of birth. You can find out your birthday symbol and place it in the middle of the living room to bring in luck. Wind chimes are also considered to bring in good luck and to keep away bad luck if these are placed at the entrance of the house.

These are just a few of the Basic Feng shui rules you have to follow in every room; your office, home or anything in order to bring in luck, but there are a still many more which you have to see to before you get the complete positive energy trapped into your room. Moreover, each room has to follow different rules while being arraged and painted, even the furniture and its arrangement should also follow the Feng Shui pattern. The feg shui even advices the right positioning for each room in the house and the right paint to be used in different rooms. So don’t wait to take a few step towards feng shui and see your life improving.

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