Best Feng Shui Plants

Best Feng Shui Plants

Significance of Feng Shui Plants

Plants are significant source of life and important members of our outdoor community. Trees are also termed as "the lungs of the Earth," as it takes the carbon dioxide that we breathe out and return it in the form of oxygen which is our life. They also inhibit groundwater run-off and soil erosion. All these are enough to support the fact of trees being a crucial part of our living Earth and treasured members of our landscape family.

Besides being fabulous, they offer us shade, natural freshness and a wonderful place to climb or swing from. Trees also exert a strong influence on the feng shui of your homes. Hence, it is imperative to look at the trees surrounding your home. Let's take a look at the feng shui of trees.

Feng Shui Plants

Plants give awesome support. Planted at the backyard of a house, trees offer significant "Mountain support" at the backside of a property. Generally, all homes and businesses are positioned on a lot with a rise at the rear of the property. If this rise is not present, or if the area is flat, or if there is nothing larger or higher than your house or building, significant support can be absent, making you struggle in key areas of your life. This rear support is a major element in feng shui art. Planting a row of 5 trees parallel to each other in the back of the property can trigger the missing support.

Bamboo Plants

Plant bamboo plants for the best luck of all. Bamboo is believed to be a tree although its nature is more like that of a hedge. At the rear of a property, bamboo gives consolidated support. At the left or eastern side of the property, it offers excellent dragon energy – believed to be the best energy of all. At the front of the house, bamboo gives very pious energy for wealth and opportunity. To plant feng shui plants front is believed to be the most appropriate location. So, planting bamboo plants in front of your home is necessary!

Orange and Lime Trees – Sign of Good Luck

Trees with flowers stimulate rewards. Orange trees are considered to bring wealth and are particularly good if planted in the South East part of the garden. Lime trees are also great and bring prosperity, particularly to South East facing homes. Oranges and lime planted at the front of the house trigger great opportunities in terms of wealth and advancement.

Pomegranates and Apple Trees for Good Relationships

Apple trees catapult good relationships in the home. You should also plant pomegranates to trigger love - even pregnancy. If planted in the south, pomegranates and apples can bring appreciated luck. You should also plant peaches in the west of your house for excellent and long lasting children's luck and happiness.

Feng Shui Plants Stimulate Business

Feng Shui plants raise beneficial chi. If your home or business is sloping down, trees can be planted to lift the chi. This puts the "dragon" more in control, rather than the tiger of the house. Ensure to have feng shui plants on both sides of the house to keep the household in harmony. Trees on the left of the house control the husband's anger and trees on the right monitors the wife's anger.

East Side is Auspicious

Feng Shui plants stimulate growth and great health. If planted on the east side of the house, trees can trigger personal growth and good health. Opt for large hardwood to decorate this side of the house.

Pines for Longevity

Pines are considered to be the feng shui plants for longevity. These are considered to be specifically auspicious when planted in the east side of the yard.

Remove Dead Plants

Get rid of dead trees. Dead or decaying trees can attract a tremendous amount of energy from the home. Be sure to discard any dead or dying trees, particularly if someone in the home is not well or elderly.

Keep Trees Away from House

Trees must not be close to the house. Trees touching a house will transfer the house "yin" energy - which is considered to be a negative energy. Be sure there are no parts or branches touching the house.

Avoid Earth Corners

Feng Shui plants should be away from earth corners. Earth corners are SW, NE, and center areas. Don’t plant trees at the center of your lot or home (either in a pot or in an inner courtyard) as this leads to financial crunches. Trees planted in the SW locations of the garden generate relationship troubles and trees in the NE cause educational difficulties.

Plant Trees to Block Negative Energy

You can facilitate trees to block negative energy. If there is a clear view of something that is not attractive, or a church, hospital, or cemetery directly in front of your house, plant trees next to each other to block the energy. They can also be planted to stop poison arrows generated by roads.

Don’t Block Door with Plants

There should not be any tree in front of the door. Trees blocking a door, blocks opportunities and promote personal conflicts with prosperities and career. Either get rid of the tree or if you can't remove the tree then place a mirror that pushes the tree energy back.

Avoid Weeping Willows

Weeping willows and other weeping plants are basically not believed to be good feng shui plants. They should not be planted in front of the house. They should also be avoided at the rear, as they support water, and water at the backyard of a property is not good.

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