Should You Believe in Feng Shui Numbers

Should You Believe in Feng Shui Numbers

If you believe in Feng Shui number, you will certainly stop and think about the house number when buying a new house. There has been a lot of debate whether or not house numbers are prominent and should it be given that much of importance when buying a house? The house number alone may not cause you any trouble, although it can do if there is something else not that much balanced. 

Feng Shui Numbers for House

The best numbers as per the technique of Feng Shui are 1, 6 and 8. The most unfortunate Feng Shui numbers are 2, and 5. It's a nice idea to try and select a fortunate number for your new home, but it's not always feasible to get a great Feng Shui Number. When choosing a new home the more important part is to evaluate the area and the location rather than the feng shui number of the home. The direction of the home also plays a crucial role in terms of Feng Shui calculation than the feng shui number.

Visualize the Surroundings of House

One of the aspects you should think about when purchasing a new home are taking a glance to visualize if there are any negative things in the close proximity of the home. You would like to find out the best location as the first major step, and then if you're fortunate you might have a say about the house number. Some people suggest that the number of your house should be in congruence with your date of birth.

What if House Number is Unlucky

So what you can do if your house number is not matching your date of birth or you find it to be unlucky? Well, changing it is generally not possible, so you can cut down its impact by doing some kind of alteration in the outside area of your home. You should generate an attractive area in your porch which will accentuate the impact of unlucky house number to a certain extent.

Feng Shui Map Can Help

If you do have fortunate house numbers then it is generally feasible to use them to your benefit. Lucky house numbers are believed to make it much simpler to resell your home. You also require spending time to find out and understand the annual star number when you are having a look at your house number. Each year the numbers will change position into diverse areas and take on different meanings. You need to consult a chart to learn and understand these annual numbers and what they actually mean.

Generate Chi Around House 

There are also several other methods that you can facilitate to simmer down the impact of unlucky house numbers, generating a good movement of chi around your home that will catapult things to a great deal. If you're buying a new home and have the opportunity to choose the house number then you should always go for the Feng Shui Numbers, 1, 6 or 8. The rest are neutral except 2 and 5 which are the worst ones to choose.

Protect House Using Fu Dogs

You can incorporate protection to your home by using Fu Dogs to protect your home. You can place these next to the porch, or on the garden if you want to get big Fu Dogs. You must never forget to get these dogs in pairs, as they only work in pairs. These dogs guard your home and ward off any bad luck.

Incorporate Wind Chime for Good Luck 

You can also invite good chi flow by placing a wind chime onto your porch. While doing this you should use either a hollow wooden wind chime or metal one so that it makes a decent noise. You might also wish to consider using a water equipment to absorb the negative energies prior to it entering your home.


House numbers don't actually cause that much troubles, but if possible it's always better to choose a Feng Shui Number and you happen to get unlucky one you are always free to diminish its impact by using the above said techniques!

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