What is Right Feng Shui Mirror Placement

What is Right Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Right Feng Shui mirror placement is considered to be potent enough to create several feelings and principles based on your intentions and you must be cautious enough when placing mirrors. The mirror has the potential to “pull” people into an area and is therefore facilitated often to grace someone into your space.  For instance, if you walk into a house or office premises and you hit a blank wall, you wish the person to feel welcomed and graced.  Properly placed mirrors can help doing that. 

Importance of Feng Shui Mirror Placement

They are also established to intentionally “push” negative or unwanted energy away.  For this reason, many practitioners suggest the use of a Bagua mirror on the front door.  The concept behind this is simply to fend off any street energy and retain your space as your own.  They are specifically beneficial over the main door when you live in a cul de sac or you have some building facing your house, such as a hospital.

What is Right Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Although, in your home they can also offer you the feeling of being pushed out.  It is always advisable to let someone hold a mirror and try several placements to feel how it appears before hanging it.  If it makes you feel welcomed and dignified, you can ensure it is the right place for the mirror to place.  On the other hand if you feel that the mirror is pushing you away, change its placement.

Tips For Right Feng Shui Mirror Placement 

  • One more important thing you should know about the mirror is it should always be bigger than your head. Because of a simple reason of course, though not thought of often.  You are surrounded by your aura and when a mirror, equal to your face or head, is placed you are cutting off your own energy field which should always cover you.
  • If you have been practicing of reading Feng Shui you must have seen that almost everyone says that mirrors should not come inside the bedroom. There are so many reasons for this and they are all equally significant. Considering your bed placement and the management of your furniture, you can feel pushed out of your own space when resting in your bedroom. A mirrored headboard, for instance, can make you feel like you’re being pushed right out of your own space i.e. bed. You may not be having a sound sleep and not able to realize about the reason.  Mirrors facing you are also not a nice idea also; waking up looking at your own image every morning when you are not at your best is not considered to be a good idea. If you don’t want to bring down these mirrors, a simple and cheap idea is to balance it so you don’t see your image. Placing a tall vase of silk flowers, for instance, is an easy way to avoid seeing your own image. At the same time it will also add color and elements to the room.  
  • Place a mirror over the stove to increase your income. The mirror would be ideally framed in red, tilted so that there would be reflection of burner in the mirror when you are standing right before the stove. In feng shui, the stove burners symbolize sources of income. By adding the mirror you are actually intensifying the burners.
  • Make a missing room by placing a large mirror. The general house shape in feng shui is a rectangle or square. Any part of those four angles that are separated represents missing corner of the house, or part of your life. To regain the "missing" part of the house, place a huge mirror on a wall that would be leading to where the room would go. In other words, if there is a notch in the floor plan of your house, place a large mirror on one of the walls that make the indent. This generates the illusion of more area, and fills in the missing part of the house. 
  • Don’t place any mirrors at the end of a large hallway. The mirror reflects the flow of chi back, without spreading out and into the rooms.
  • All mirrors should have wooden or metal frame. Unframed mirrors have sharp edges, which intensify "cutting chi" that is inauspicious for health and the all other aspects. 
  • No mirrors should be placed directly across from the front door. They will inhibit the chi from coming in through that front door, which is the most prominent source of chi for the entire house.
  • Do place a mirror on the right side of the main door of your house if you want to acquire more opportunities.
  • Finally, one prominent point when hanging a mirror at your house.  Remember they catapult anything they are reflecting.  Before hanging the mirror, ensure they reflect something beautiful. You can facilitate them to reflect outside, thereby “bringing the outside in” or a fabulous piece of artwork that you’ve hung which will incorporate more color and texture to your room.  They should not reflect a bare wall! 


Tips for Feng Shui mirrors placement is not expensive or difficult to create.  Use your creativity and seek some assistance from a professional Feng Shui expert if you need it and you can generate the balance and harmony you are looking for your home or office.

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